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Torrentz Site is Back with a Clone Containing All Torrent Data

The largest torrent meta-search engine silently shut down it’s service on Aug 5th, 2016. Just after 4 days later the incident occurred, they are back with a clone on a new domain. The

“Freedom 251” Cheapest Smartphone from India with Whooping Price Rs.251

Freedom 251 was featured as the world’s cheapest Android smartphone with unbelievable price of ₹251. Yes! you heard it right. The Smartphone is priced at just ₹251 with handsome specifications by Ringing Bells, a

Top Five Ways To Make Your Mobiles Secure

People use mobile phones to send emails, share pictures, talk to friends, store contacts, addresses, and even as calculators. Smartphones users also use the device for their banking transactions. It follows that the information

Diverse Methods to Fund a Mobile Wallet

Developments in mobile and digital technology have seen fresh and current developments change the way we do things. Shopping and making payments for services will never be the same again. More and more people

LSI Keywords: What They Are and How to Use Them

Driving more and better traffic to your website is a fulltime job, and even with plenty of effort, it can still be difficult to accomplish. As search engine algorithms become increasingly complex and content-specific,

How PDF Files Have Become the Everyday Norm

We live interesting times; everything that happens in our lives occurs at a remarkable speed. We barely have the time to reflect upon the new realities imposed on us by the unwritten laws of