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10 Best Android Mobiles below Rs.10, 000

Few years back, smart phones usually didn’t fit into most of the people’s budgets. But as the cost of manufacture came down, people found smart phones affordable and pretty much fitting in their budgets.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Taking photos of you friends and family members when you are on a vacation or gone to some new place is a common stuff. Whenever you purchase a new thing, the first thing you

Best SkyDrive Apps for Android Phone

One may be familiar with SkyDrive application from the new features provided by Microsoft Windows 8 permitting people to upload and sync their data to cloud storage and making it possible for them to

Why Android Is Still The Best

There is a reason as to why android is listed as the best selling Smartphone platform in many authoritative websites around the world. If you are still among the few that have not yet

Google Announced The Next Android Version 4.1 “Jelly Bean”

For the present trend, Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system. As Android is open source, global mobile manufacturers are interested and here is the time to celebrate for Android lovers.

Explore and Identify the Music With Shazam

Many times we came across heart touching songs. We don’t know the track title or album name. No need to worry, there is a wonderful app called Shazam for identifying the music. Shazam identifies