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Create Random Posts Section without using Plugins

From how much time are you Blogging? The days going on will bury up your older blog posts. The new visitors coming to your blog will miss those valuable posts. Cool thing to get

Zoom Your Blog Images With Image Zoomer

There are many plugins which zooms the images. Image Zoomer exactly comes under those category. This is a small file of 3.7 kb which utilise the jQuery zoom tool. The plugin have the ability

Top SEO Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Every blogger loves to spread his blog name all over the world and makes a quite good efforts for achieving that. The process includes lot of factors like social media, regular readers, referral visits

Are You Sure to Publish Your Post

Today I came across a useful plugin Are You Sure which helps the wordpress author by prompting an pop-up window with  Are you sure to proceed. There are many chances where every blogger may click

Installing Plugins in WordPress Blogs

As a WordPress user everyone knows the significance of Plugins. The performance of blogs depends on many factors in which the key point includes the blog maintenance. The effective usage of plugins helps the