10 Hot Windows 8 Features

Window 8 is one among the latest operating system developed by Microsoft. It is the advanced version of Windows, which made its breakthrough in the year of 2012. It offers numerous advanced features and advantages over the existing operating system. It provides multi monitor display, unmatched UI and various other advanced features that meets the usage requirement of computer user and therefore, attracts them. Top ten Windows 8 features are listed below:

Windows 8 Features

1. User Interface:

Windows 8 offers a very good user interface and that is why it is preferred by number of users. All that a user want is ease of use or easy usability, which this newest operating system offers.

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2. Faster Booting Speed:

Windows 8 takes less than 10 seconds to boot up and hence saves time of user. It has fastest boot up speed when compared to any other operating system.

3. File System and File Copying:

Windows 8 has introduced the new file system, which is super fast and reliable. Unlike other operating system it provides faster file copying, which again leads to time saving of user.

4. Easy and Faster Search:

As compared to the previous version of Windows, search speed has been improved in Windows 8, which is one of the best advantages of it. It offers instant result for any searches.

5. Improved and Enhanced Task Manager:

Windows 8 provides an enhanced task manager that offers easy functionality by providing brief and detailed information on ongoing program.

6. Featured Apps:

This operating system offers various well featured apps to deal with the additional requirement of user. It has numerous in-built functions as in running apps automatically visualize on full screen without any external settings. It also enables running two apps side by side.

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7. USB 3.0 Support:

Windows 8 offers USB 3.0 support, which makes data transfer even faster and easier. Existing operating system provides USB 2.0 support.

8. Support to Various Mobile Devices:

Windows 8 is designed to run on various mobile devices as in tablet, mobile phone and more. It supports all mobile devices and offers better performance.

9. Improved Network and Recovery Options:

Windows 8 offers improved network options that offer faster and secure network accessing. It also provides easy and improved network recovery option.

10. Advance Technology:

Windows 8 is designed and developed with advance technology that attracts number of users. It supports advance cloud services, provides in built PDF reader, enables accessing of ISO files, and introduces numerous other good features.
Upgrade your computer or mobile devices with Windows 8 operating system and get the benefits of it.

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  • Faster
  • Compatible
  • Time Effective
  • Advanced

To upgrade Windows 8, visit the official website of Microsoft and purchase it. You can also download it online and make payment there. You can install Windows 8 by following the given guidelines that comes in a package. Insert the CD and follow the step by step instruction. You will be able to install the O.S in shorter time without any hassle. Upgrade your operating system and enjoy Windows 8 features.

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  1. Sarvesh Darak

    Well the first thing which i liked about windows 8 is its booting speed… its the fastest one when compared to all other operating systems.

    Thanks for the new features.
    Sarvesh Darak recently posted..Google Glass and Augmented Reality: Seeing the FutureMy Profile

  2. Mosam Gor

    Hi Pavan,

    Great Share!

    Today Windows 8 most advance operating system for any kind of Work!. Thanks for Writing pavan 🙂

    Keep updating and Rocking 😛

    Mosam Gor recently posted..Amazing Facts About Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple..!!My Profile

  3. Peterson

    I heard about the Window 8 Features specially for its User-friendly interface. I like that and this is also latest technology in the computer world..

  4. MNB Achari

    Thanks for sharing this, Pavan. I have been using Windows 8 for three months. It’s a good experience. The good thing about it is…once you install everything you need and use recovery mode to backup the files, you can revert to the same state even after months. You need not reinstall the OS.
    MNB Achari recently posted..How to Root Micromax A116 Canvas HD (‘Unroot’ Procedure Included)?My Profile

  5. Janmejai

    Windows 8 looks great,secondly the booting time…really loving it….
    Janmejai recently posted..Top 10 Slogans on Save EnvironmentMy Profile

  6. James Smith

    Now currently am using windows 8 only it is very comfortable to use and this features are really awesome too…)

  7. Syed Qasim

    Thanks for sharing the great features. I used Windows 8 almost 1 month ago. But, It is quite difficult to use as compared to Windows 7. Anyways thanks for you effort. 🙂
    Syed Qasim recently posted..Things to Consider While Buying Budget LaptopsMy Profile

  8. daniel

    Good tips about windows 8. thanks for sharing.
    daniel recently posted..Managing your own career in today’s labour marketMy Profile

  9. Pramod

    Hi Pavan ,
    I like that windows 8 features. I would like to say that windows 8 is really fast and protective. It has many feature that till unknown to us. Thanks Pavan.
    Pramod recently posted..How Hide Files Behind The ImagesMy Profile

  10. sudha

    Hi Pavan,
    I have been using Windows 8 for sometime and I have started loving it. The clean UI, presence of many apps and fast speed is provided by it. I have yet to test its other features. Thanks for listing these out.

  11. Adrian

    I love windows phone thanks for this great reviews about windows phone..
    Adrian recently posted..6 Best Knowledge Base / Wiki WordPress Theme 2013My Profile

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