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Top Five Ways To Make Your Mobiles Secure

People use mobile phones to send emails, share pictures, talk to friends, store contacts, addresses, and even as calculators. Smartphones users also use the device for their banking transactions. It follows that the information

Bypass Google Authenticator Code and Log in To WordPress Dashboard

Hello WordPress bloggers. We all know that securing the WordPress blog is an important task for us. Keeping in mind a few months ago I have installed Google Authenticator plugin in my blog and

How To Keep Children Safe From Adult Sites On Internet

Internet connection is in every house at present generation. It is a wide resource to learn everything. Whatever you need, you can simply go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and search for it by

How To Get Free Akismet API Key and Activate On WordPress Blog

Akismet is a popular and powerful WordPress plugin that aids to prevent web spam by blocking the comments and trackback pings automatically. It was developed by Automattic. Akismet is said to have captured over

How to Remove Virus From Your Computer

If your computer crashes, freezes, prevents you from accessing certain discs or shows unusual error messaging, chances are that your computer has been infected by a virus. Viruses can infect your computer through hosts

Tips To Protect Battery Life Of Your Android SmartPhone

If you are really worried about improving or protecting your Android SmartPhone’s battery life, then here are the hot tips to do so. High end android smartphones are surely powerful when it comes to