Bypass Google Authenticator Code and Log in To WordPress Dashboard

Hello WordPress bloggers. We all know that securing the WordPress blog is an important task for us. Keeping in mind a few months ago I have installed Google Authenticator plugin in my blog and synchronized it with the Google Authenticator Android app that was installed in my smartphone.

Google Authenticator is one of the best security app for WordPress blog. No one can log in to the WordPress dashboard without the Google Authenticator Code even though they knew the WordPress dashboard admin password.

Everything was going fine and I felt very secure about my blog. But recently I lost my Android mobile and I’m unable to login my WordPress dashboard. A few of my friends suggested deleting the Google Authenticator plugin folder from the Web Hosting cPanel and try to log in. But doing it may cause fatal errors. So I thought for alternatives and upon experimenting I found a perfect solution to this.
Login WordPress Dashboard Without Google Authenticator Code

Bypassing the Google Authenticator Code:

  1. Login to your web hosting cPanel
  2. Navigate to wp-content folder
  3. Create a folder ‘disabled’ or something else which will not conflict with WordPress
  4. Navigate to wp-content/plugin directory
  5. Find the Google Authenticator plugin and move it to ‘disabled’ folder.
  6. Open the wp-admin page. Now it won’t prompts for Google Authenticator Code
  7. Log in to your WordPress dashboard

Now you can go to the plugin page and delete the Google Authenticator plugin or even you can reconfigure it.

Watch YouTube Video Tutorial:

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  1. Shir Aviv

    You my friend, are a life saver!!!

    I was having a mini freak out because Google Authenticator wasn’t working and I couldn’t get in to my dashboard. I followed your steps and it worked like a charm.

    I REALLY appreciate your help with this! 🙂
    Shir Aviv recently posted..The Ultimate Time Management Hack that Took Me 5 Years to Create – Part 2My Profile

  2. Tammi L. Coles

    Perfect. I wouldn’t have needed this if I had read the authenticator plugin developer’s explicit instructions but, yeah, that’s why fixes like these are so needed. Thanks so very much.

  3. Qoyyuum

    Thanks so much Pavan! I had trouble trying to login and you found a way. I guess the plugin author need to fix that little troublesome error its been causing.

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