How to Download Flash Files Without Using Third Party Applications

Most of the people are aware of online games, online videos, online music and Ads. If you observe all the mentioned categories uses the Flash.  Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video and interactivity to webpages. Most of the flash files seen in online are embedded and we don’t have an option to download and save that file into our disk. The main benefit of downloading flash file is that we can watch clips or play games in our free time.To download the flash files there are many third party applications. But installing each and every application results in consuming the disk space and slow downs the performance. Aside to this we can save the embedded flash files through the browsers.

Here is the simple tutorial regarding how to download the flash files using the familiar browsers Firefox, Google Chrome & Internet Explorer. Before downloading the flash files, first we need to know about the flash formats that are used to embed in webpages.

  1. SWF (Small Web Format)
  2. FLV (Flash Video)

Downloading with Firefox:

1. Open the Firefox browser and browse the page that contains the embedded flash content. Wait for a while until the flash content streams completely.

2. Right click on any empty part of the page and select Page Info context menu option.

3. Click on the Media tab. The Media tab shows all the media formats such as images, icons, style sheets and flash files that are containing in the webpage.

Firefox Page Info Context Menu Option

3. Check for the items with the SWF file extension in the type column. After getting that file, click on it and hit Save as to save the file on your hard disk.

Downloading with Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome browser and browse the page that possess the embedded flash content.

2. Right click on any empty part and select View page source.

3. Press “Ctrl” + “F” and type “SWF” to find the SWF file type on the page. Go on clicking the “Next” button until locating the exact file. The file will be displayed as a hyperlink in “file_name.swf” format.

4. Click on the Save link as option and provide the destination path to save that file.

Download Using Inter Explorer:

1. Start Internet Explorer and open the page and allow the Flash object to load completely, then click “Tools” option from menu bar and select “Internet Options“.

2. In the Browsing History section, click “Settings” then “View Files.”

4. The temporary browsing history folder opens in the Windows explorer. For effective searching sort the list according to the “Type” column and trace the SWF files that are related. Right-click on the file and select “Copy”, then paste the file into another location on your hard drive.

In this ways we can save the flash content on our hard disks. This article is written as one of my friends is struggling to download the full version of Fairy Treasure game. The web version provides the full length of the game without paying. Hope this article helps most of the people to enjoy watching/playing the flash content in offline at free time.

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    I didnt know firefox had this feature, I used google chrome to download flash games from some websites. There are also apps and sites on the web that can make this process easier.
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