How to Remove Virus From Your Computer

If your computer crashes, freezes, prevents you from accessing certain discs or shows unusual error messaging, chances are that your computer has been infected by a virus. Viruses can infect your computer through hosts such as infected programs, infected installers or documents with attached emails or scripts that are infected. Computer viruses are so common that it is not a question of if; rather it is a question of when computer viruses will happen to your computer. Thus, it is important that you know how to remove virus from your computer. The following is a step-by-step explanation of how you can remove virus from your computer.
Remove Virus
Attempt to remove the virus from your computer by using the antivirus program you have. Examples of antivirus programs include Norton AntiVirus, Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus, Kaspersky AntiVirus, BullGuard AntiVirus, AVG Free and McAfee Antiviral. These antivirus programs can be installed on your computer so that they are able to remove most viruses that your computer might get.

Make sure you have the antivirus software company’s most recent antivirus protection. Some antivirus programs include an automatic update feature; however, other antivirus programs require that you go to the antivirus software company’s website so as to get the updates there. If you use the most up-to-date antivirus program that your antivirus software company offers, some of your computer files will likely be repaired instantly, but other files could be harmed.

Quarantine your computer files that have been harmed into a folder where they cannot infect files which are free of virus. Repair those files. Attempt to restore any files that you feel are indispensable. If these files are executable, reinstall the program that contained the files. If these are document files, ask for new copies of the files from whoever originally sent you the files. Scan and repair these files before opening them.

Update the virus definitions on your computer in order to find additional viruses that might be hiding on your computer. There are some newer viruses and some re-engineered older viruses that the existing virus definitions that you have might not detect. That is why you need to update the virus detections definitions on your computer so that you can detect and remove these viruses.

Check to see if your modem or hard drive is doing anything unusual. For instance, if the activity light on your modem is doing things that it does not usually do, that could be a sign of the presence of a virus. Or, if your hard drive is making unusual noises either after you have used your antivirus program or after you have updated the virus definitions on your computer, that could be indicative that there is still a virus lurking on the computer that must be removed.

Get a registry cleaner such as CCleaner or JetClean and clean your computer registry. The reason you should do this is that sometimes viruses occur and computer systems slow down due to registry errors. After cleaning your registry, just reboot your computer and it will be free of virus.

Author Bio: This article was submitted to you by Lewis Jacobs, a technology enthusiast. He has written articles informing readers about technology, computer health and Internet Deals. Check out his Internet deals feature with Clear Internet deals.

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  1. Nitin

    Hello, Nice post to remove virus & safely too. Thanks
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  2. Micheal

    I frequently use ccleaner to ensure that the computer is clean and avoid unused files, viruses.
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  3. Jordan Singh

    Great Tips to remove Virus from PC ! I use Registry Winner and Norton to keep viruses away !
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  4. Ludwig Ericsson

    I use wise regsitry cleaner which is free just like CCleaner. AVG is a good antivirus program and everyone should take computer security very serious. It can be very hard to remove a virus if it has infected the computer system.
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  5. Ronaldo Ferrer

    Hi Pavan! I am always using my CCleaner before I turn off my computer and it really speeds up the system. Also, I use AVG Anti-Virus and I am satisfied with it. I’m just wondering if there are programmers who could manually remove viruses without using any anti-virus softwares?
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  6. jawad zaib

    i amusing ESET smart security on my Windows 7 PC which works great for me, you presented here some nice info but if some one got issues regarding virus then they can try ESET smart security as well…

  7. Painters Melbourne

    This is one of the best idea to remove virus from the computers. Viruses are a big problem for the computers. Good to read that valuable article posts..

  8. Ravinder Mehta

    Nice tips for removing viruses from Computer. And I use Microsoft Security Essentials which is best of all antivirus 🙂
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  9. Kurt

    That will surely work. I just wanted to add the use of rkill for malware removal that terminates the connection of malwares to its rootkit so the files/malwares may be removed.

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