How To Detect Keylogger Software?

Ever since the advent of computer spy software in the tech world, PC users have been hankering after the answer to this million dollar question: how to detect the presence of malware on their systems? Even so, it is arguably the keylogger which is the most menacing computer spy software, and hence, figuring out its presence on your PC has become even more important. Here’s how you can do it.
How To Detect Keylogger Software

Use anti-spyware:

Any decent anti-virus or anti-spyware should be able to detect most keyloggers, even though they have an uncanny tendency of concealing themselves in what one might dub ‘sneaky’ spots. This strategy of concealing themselves in new places makes keyloggers particularly daunting, which is precisely why constant updates are needed on your anti-virus, to make sure that it keeps track of the latest keylogging stratagem. Keeping your security force up to date and using them regularly can help you identify any keylogging software, and keep it at bay.

Monitor Task List, Startup Items:

How To Detect Keyloggers
The window that pops up when you press Ctrl + Alt + Del together is the Task List. It highlights the processes that are currently working on your system. Similarly a keylogging app would also appear on the list of applications; hence, if you see an unfamiliar name on the list look it up online, and you’d find out if it’s a keystroke logger. And along the same lines, you could run msconfig to figure out what applications starts up when you boot the PC.

Shore Up the Firewall:

A secure firewall is a prerequisite for a mean defense. Since keyloggers need an Internet connection to transfer data, an active firewall would shield the data and prevent it from being transmitted elsewhere. The firewall also warns the users, when an unrecognized program vies to us their Internet access, which is obviously helpful is unraveling the presence of keylogging apps. Maintenance of an active firewall should ensure that your system is keylogger proof.

Physically Detect Keylogger Hardware:

Keystroker loggers are also available in the hardware form, and can’t be detected via any maneuvers on your PC’s interior. The only way to detect hardware device is by physically locating it. Normally it is placed where your keyboard is plugged in, hence, that should be your go-to move in detecting a hardware device intended as a keystroke logger.
How To Detect Keylogger Software
Keylogger hardware is available in two forms; first of all you have the adapters that lie between the keyboard and the PC, and then there are the electronic chips that can be inserted inside the computer. Any tech savvy use could spot the adapter, but the chip inside the keyboard is impossible to detect without disassembling the keyboard.

Ward Off the Menace:

Computer spy software, especially keystroke loggers, not only put your privacy under the gun, they can allow hackers to access your bank account numbers among other potentially costly inlets. Therefore, it is imperative that you fortify your security from the vanguards to the last line of defense.

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