Tips To Protect Battery Life Of Your Android SmartPhone

If you are really worried about improving or protecting your Android SmartPhone’s battery life, then here are the hot tips to do so. High end android smartphones are surely powerful when it comes to having advanced features and technologies, but unfortunately these devices do not have powerful or endless battery lives. Indeed, a number of android users find themselves to be lucky if their batteries last even for a complete day. But here we bring to you the useful tips on how you can protect your android smartphone’s battery life.
Tips To Save Android SmartPhone Battery

Switch Off The Unnecessary Things:

Switching off unwanted services like WI-FI, Bluetooth and gps can help a great deal to protect your battery life from further sinking. Try using them only when need be.

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Dump The Unwanted Widgets From Home Screen:

Just because they are on the home screen, the widgets really take up all the battery. Even though they seem to be inactive, they take up most of the battery life. These widgets may look beautiful and animated on your home screen but they are the main culprits behind eating up all the battery of your android device.

Keep The Live Wallpapers At Bay:

Just like the home screen widgets, even the live, animated wallpapers look good but they consume much battery.

Turn Off The Services That Are Not In Use:

There are generally many services and functions that are not in use but we forget to close them. These may be the reason behind your battery killing. Turn of the Bluetooth if you really wish to improve the battery life and switch it on only when you need to transfer files and other data.

Same is the case with WiFi. The battery gets killed when you leave the WiFi on. This way, the phone searches for the wireless hotspot even when it is out of range thereby killing most of your phone’s battery life.

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Do Not Let Your Battery Overheat:

Never let your android phone’s battery overheat. If done, the battery will definitely decrease the span of the battery life. Thus, leaving the phone’s battery on charger even when it is completely charged will reduce its life. More so, when you leave the device in car, there are more chances of high temperature getting built up and leaving your battery in the car may make it overheated.

Reduce Backlight Brightness:

Backlight serves to be the biggest factor which consumes huge battery. So, to maintain the life of your android smartphone battery, keep the backlight to low light.

Also, if the battery calibration is not proper, discharge your phone’s battery completely and then again charge it fully. Remember that you do this just for battery calibration. About once in every 30 recharge, you can opt for this option on healthy battery.

Use Proper Charger:

It is very important that you use the original charger or adapter of the phone only. In case you lose the original one, get the correct charger only from manufacturer. Just because there are cheap chargers available in the market does not mean that you will pick those and comprise on the battery life using a local, low quality charger.

So, with these top tips, you can protect and improve the battery life of your android smartphone with much ease and without spending anything.

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