How to Quickly Setup VPN on Android

Every individual in today’s world own a smartphone for personal or business use. Android based smartphones are very common and people use their device to access the internet. The internet access on your phone may not be secure. Therefore, people are using VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to have privacy protection for accessing internet on their device. In order to use this secure and encrypted network, the user needs to have a VPN account. Once you have an account of your VPN service, then there is need of configuring it on your Android based gadget.

Setup VPN on Android

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On the internet, there is a wide variety of VPN services available, both free and paid. It will be a little difficult for the users of Android based devices to setup VPN since it requires manual typing on the phone of all the required information. If you make a small mistake in typing, it can become a cause of the problem and will take a lot of your time to troubleshoot the problem. The configuration of several Android based phones or setting up of several VPN accounts can become a project since you require time and concentration.

The process to setup VPN on your phone can become easier using the import feature of the application. There are some steps that will help you in following the process of setup of VPN. More than one configurations of VPN can be imported from an email or a file using the import function. Also, backup of VPN settings can be made and restored with this useful feature. The 1 VPN app can be purchased from the website of application developers or from the market of Android. The steps for setting up of VPN on your Android phone are as follows:

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1. Firstly, for a PPTP connection, you need to send the name of the VPN service, username, password, and name of VPN server followed by the word PPTP from your computer to the Android device in an email as given by your VPN service. You also need to add true or false in end in the text for adding or removing the encryption. For protection, you may not fill the password that can be entered later when connecting to VPN service.
Setup VPN on Android

2. The email received on your phone should be opened and text needs to be copied to the clipboard. In order to copy text, you need to select text from the menu. Select and highlight the text using your finger that needs to be copied.

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3. Select the “add” after opening the 1 VPN app. Click on the option of Import profiles on the given screen that will bring up the Import Wizard. After selecting from clip board, you can see the list of imported profiles and setup is also imported. The process to setup VPN ends and you can click OK.

Hence, it becomes very easy to setup VPN on your Android phone using 1 VPN app using the simple import function.

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  1. Nizam

    Really detailed and easy guide on setting VPN on android smartphones and yes, android based smartphones are more common among peoples. Thanks for this useful post Pavan!
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  2. Robert Morrison

    I use Hotspot Shield Android version ( ) on my android device, very easy to use and setup.

  3. Rabia Akram

    I tried the way you write above by using HOTSPOT SHIELD VPN .Thanks for sharing this informative post.
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  4. Tareena Tolps

    I generally make use of the link i.e. bestvpn site for setting up properly VPN on my personal Android device. Moreover, you can have many other configurations there too. As far as your post is concerned, it is superb especially mentioned Anchor topic of yours i.e. Best Security Applications for Android. Thanks a lot for everything uou have shared.

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