How To Keep Children Safe From Adult Sites On Internet

Internet connection is in every house at present generation. It is a wide resource to learn everything. Whatever you need, you can simply go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and search for it by imputing the keywords. With in a glance everything that relates to your search will appear.

Sometimes you may encounter some adult content in search results. Matured people may immediately close the window but coming to the point of children, they are interested to see although they are not supposed to see it. Researches proved that most of the teenage children are interested and addicted to adult content on internet.

How To Keep Children Safe From Adult Sites On Internet

The present generation teenagers are so fast. Most of them are searching for adult content instead of learning something useful. It is not possible to keep an eye on kids every time they use the internet.

There are many techniques and software available to block adult sites on internet. Some of them are free and while some of them charges for the service. Most of the free software annoys with the advertisements or they may be typical to use. To keep children safe from adult sites on internet, we are showing a few methods that works perfect and absolutely free.

Turn On Google Safe Search:

Locking the adult content using the Google safe search is the best method to restrict opening the adult sites on internet.

Enabling Google Safe Search:

  1. Go to Google Safe Search
  2. In the SafeSearch filters section, check the box next to Filter explicit results to filter sexually explicit images and videos from Google Search results page.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Google Safe Search

Using DNS Angel:

DNS Angel is freeware software that includes 3 DNS Service to block adult websites, malicious sites, phishing sites and malware websites. The interface is so simple that anyone can easily understand its usage without any knowledge.


  • It is portable software
  • You can select Norton ConnectSafe, Open DNS Family and MetaCert DNS
  • You can activate the DNS with a single click and view the status whether it is activated or not.
  • Automatic DNS flush
  • Restoring to default DNS with a single click (To disable protection).

DNS Angel To Keep Children Safe From Adult Sites

Download DNS Angel

Whenever a adult website is opened, DNS Angel automatically restrict access to the website and displays the warning notification as shown below.
Keep Children Safe From Adult Sites

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  1. Peter

    Hi Somu,
    Good suggestions on how to keep children from adult sites. However, I bet to differ, there are so many ways the children can use to access the adult sites like social media and direct referrals – we just leave them in the hands of the Almighty God
    Peter recently posted..Yahoo Eyes Blogging Platform Tumblr for $1BMy Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Hi Peter,
      I don’t agree with your point. Its not correct to leave them and ruin their studies.

  2. Sai Kumar

    Hi Pavan, Helpful article bro!! Yeah Now a days most of the teenagers addicted to adult content on Internet. You have really shared good tips to keep teenage children safe from adult sites on Internet. Thanks for Sharing!!
    Sai Kumar recently posted..Giveaway #5 : 5 Free One Year Web Hosting Accounts from AussieHostMy Profile

  3. Sasidhar Kareti

    Very nice tip Pavan..! But what if proxies are used?
    Sasidhar Kareti recently posted..Preparing to Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware WorkstationMy Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Hi Sasidhar,
      Using proxies can bypass but not every kid knows about the proxies.

  4. Sugandha Agarwal

    Hi Pawan,
    This is a very much useful post for all internet users. Especially, the Teenage guys and gals. These days Teenage are very much addict to adult content which leads to bad effect in their minds and they are distracted too with their real life of teenage. 🙁
    I feel so bad.
    well, Great share by you.
    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted..Twitter Music App Is LiveMy Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Hi Sugandha,
      I am glad you like it. I will be pleased if this post helps at least a kid to stay from from adults content.

  5. jawad zaib

    nice guide it will help parents to prevent their children from visiting unwanted sites…
    jawad zaib recently posted..Win Sony Xperia E Dual Free GiveawayMy Profile

  6. PrIyAnGsHu

    Great guide to keep children away from adult content on the internet. These are some working methods to keep children safe from vulnerable web content. Thanks for sharing about it, Pavan.
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..Blogging for Money – Step by Step GuideMy Profile

  7. raghu

    good, but the first few paragraphs are just an introduction trying to repeat the point. In my opinion it should not be that many paragraphs…
    Please take this as my suggestion… 🙂

  8. Jason

    Hi Pawan, this article is great help for parents who are mostly worried how to keep they children away from adult sites. Great post dude. Keep it UP!
    Jason recently posted..The Puzzle Smartwatch by Albert SalamonMy Profile

  9. Ahsan

    I think Google Safe Search is the best way to keep our kids safe from adult sites. DNS Angel software also seems very good to keep our self safe from these adult sites. I’ll soon download it.

    Thanks for valuable tips
    Ahsan recently posted..Apply For Assistant Manager, Officer, Cash Officer In BASIC BankMy Profile

  10. rakesh kumar

    Safe search was known to me but DNS angel is new to me but how much DNS angel is effective, have you ever tried to test this. Kindly update me.
    rakesh kumar recently posted..6 Extreme Benefits of blogging for studentsMy Profile

  11. Prasad Np

    Very good post. All parents can take advantage of the same….thanks for sharing…
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  12. Jane Stevens

    It is a great problem for all the parents to safe their children’s from adult site. Thanks for sharing your valuable post. We should try it out on our browser.
    Jane Stevens recently posted..How to Look Simply BeautifulMy Profile

  13. Krishna@Techzune

    This is a very helpful article Somu. But eventhough we apply these methods teenagers will find the loop hole and restart using adult content again, I guess there is no permenant cure for this.
    Krishna@Techzune recently posted..Swift Key 3 Keyboard APK for Android Free DownloadMy Profile

  14. Fawaz Akhtar

    Hi Pawan, I appreciate your thought of covering such a important topic. This post will be very helpful.
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  15. Manish

    This post has been quite helpful to me as it provides a complete info on how to prevent the children to view adult websites. Thanks for sharing such an explicit content.
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  16. Victoria

    Thank you for the great post, but what I want to add is that turning a safe search can be to enough if children do want to find censored content. But the good news here is that most anti-viruses do allow you to turn safe mode – specially designed to secure your children
    Victoria recently posted..Gaming Market Trends Q1 2013: UK, Germany and USA ComparedMy Profile

  17. Ethylene Dibromide

    It is a great problem for all the mother and father to secure their kid’s from mature site. Thanks for discussing your useful publish. We should try it out on our web browser.

  18. Mic johns

    HI Pawan,

    Appreciate your effort to share such a useful tips for a happy family.I already have same in my computer which is quite necessary.It is quite useful.

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  19. ghouse

    Nice post pavan ,what krishna had said is 100% true,there is no permanent cure for this.
    ghouse recently posted..Chile Football Facebook coverMy Profile

  20. Gautham Lurk

    These are some useful and simple ways to block adult sites. It is one of the burning topics, the most negative impact of internet.
    Gautham Lurk recently posted..Subway Surfers for PCMy Profile

  21. Andreia

    Thanks a lot! It is a very useful topics because I want my children stay safe when they search on the Internet.

  22. Sonia Kalra

    Hi Pavan Somu,
    This is nice one article, really beneficial for us…
    Thanks for sharing this is useful information, I am now improves it.
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  23. Gopinath

    Great post, thanks for amazing tips and guidelines for preventing kids from adults sites.
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  24. kapil

    Pavan Somu your post it really very help full for all peoples i appreciate you. after reading this article i got a idea to making this type of blog in which i will post this types of helpful post which is need of today.

  25. sohini sen

    Hi, Pawan
    keeping an internet service in our home is very risky now the days. and these are very good ways to block them. Thanks for the sharing Pawan.
    Thank you
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  26. innocentsm

    thankyou so much, i was looking for that
    very usefull and simple ways to block adult websites,
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  27. Video Production

    Thanks for your all information. Website is nice and informative content.

  28. Mic johns


    Appreciated post.One day i was working on a laptop of my brother and i find that he has this block on porn site ( yes i was trying to watch porn 😉 ) to restrict his son to access.It is really important because children are attracting towards them in early age which is not good for family.


  29. Anshul Kumar

    yeah man great article ….I will do the same to keep adult stuff away from my little brother 🙂
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  30. faheem hafeez

    Nowadays adults sites are increasing and it will affect our teenagers. Thanks for sharing admin 🙂
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  31. Ramees Kaztro

    Nice tips. Will be useful to all parents. Thanks

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