5 Innovative Ways of Generating More Likes In Facebook

If you have a business that requires you to be online for the better part of the day or the nature of your job is such that you need to be online for most of the time, then there is not have a better online networking or marketing tool than Facebook. As far as social networking sites go, Facebook towers heads and shoulders above others as far as directing traffic to sites is concerned. This article briefly describes five different ways of attracting more traffic to your Facebook page.

Five spectacular ways of increasing traffic to your site

1. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Having a great content does not mean that you can keep meandering on topics and themes that will put off visitors to your site. Choose one or two related topics that you are passionate about and write in a manner that is most likely to catch the attention of like-minded individual or interest groups. And keep your posts short and sweet. A good post with interesting topics will have a cascading effect.
increasing traffic to your site

2. Invite fans to upload more tags on images. If you want to increase traffic density and have more visitors to your page then you should make your posts more colorful and appealing. By adding images, audio/video content of different social events or occasions you have attended, you make yourself more visible. You can also tell your friends to tag themselves onto the images.

3. Make good use of Facebook Applications. There are numerous Facebook options of applications available that you can customize albeit at a fee and several over the counter amateurish to professional applications that you use to the best of your advantage. Applications are available on a wide and diverse range of interests ranging from the sublime to the subliminal.

4. Capitalize from your profiles on other sites to add to your Facebook page. Facebook statistics suggest that users have profiles on other social networking sites and platforms that are innumerable. Therefore the attention span on any particular site and to be precise any particular blog post is very short. If you can add more variety and spice to your profile on Facebook then chances of generating higher traffic also increases proportionately.

5. Always keep in touch with fans and keep them hooked by coming up with new offers. Do keep contact at every phase. Regardless of whether you use influencer marketing or any other strategy, keep in touch at the start of a campaign, during the campaign, and most importantly after the campaign comes to a close. Invite your audience to connect with your email list. Tell them to follow you on LinkedIn or Twitter. Just keep the two-way interlocution well-oiled.

And if you want your fans to keep coming back to your site again and again then keep orientating your posts with new offers now and then. Since you are aware of the passions and interest areas of your close-knit groups you can enthrall them with quizzes, and sweepstakes that have a cash award or coupons for dinner or movies.

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    Thanks,,, maybe I’ll stop buying fan likes from fb. Thanks…
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    • Pavan Somu

      Of course you can save some bucks for sure.

  3. mohit rajwani

    according to me their should be only real likes on your page because they are only going to help us not the fake like which other bloggers purchase fro other sites…
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    now this is the only method left for all the bloggers to get more likes to their fb fan page as from now Facebook is removing all the fake likes from the pages…
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    Thanks dude. Hope these steps will increase my fans who really interested my page. Then they will promote my page.
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    Thanks for such valuable tips for increasing fan following list ,its also necessary to share links to conect on your page wall…beside this link to blog content can be share as well.
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