6 Simple Tips For a Newbie Blogger To Obtain More Traffic

If you are just a newbie in the field of blogging then this is the time to learn some useful tricks to make your blogging experience a real success. You must acquire some basic idea about how to create a blog and before that make sure you will enjoy it very much as blogging involves a great deal of passion. Choose your favorite niche on what you’ll be blogging about and who will be your target audience. After determining these factors, come the important keys for successful blogging techniques.

  1. Use a blog syndication service to reach more readers. Social networking also helps to bring more traffic to the site. You should make a proper plan for building a huge network on the social net-working sites.
  2.  Try to write interesting and useful contents. It will also attract more readers to the site. But if you want to maintain a regular flow of visitors to your site than publish articles regularly.
  3. You can ask your readers for free article submission. If you offer readers an exposure in your blog then it will encourage more and more visitors.
  4. Leave your comments on other blogs. That will amplify your identity as an active blogger and more and more people will show interest in your blogs too.
  5. You can use full-text feeds or give some of the text, make sure you are providing feeds. This will help your readers to read your contents in their own convenient schedule.
  6. Choosing attractive and meaningful titles for the contents are extremely vital to blogging successfully. Search engines find the titles with catchy words more easily and send more traffic. If you choose striking and suitable titles for the articles you publish they will tempt the readers to read your stuff, and which also translates into more links.

If you are pleased with the tips, please don’t hesitate to follow our blog.

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  1. Raj

    Commenting and SMO are the best ways to drive traffic for newbies.. it actually works and helps us in building relationships with fellow bloggers..
    Raj recently posted..Samsung Gets 9 Million Pre-orders For Samsung Galaxy S III [Report]My Profile

  2. Shalu Sharma

    Good information. It is vital to use some of the things you have mentioned to get some traffic to your blog. Also post on Facebook and Twitter is another good idea.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..How to Buy Facebook Shares?My Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Exactly, they give huge exposure to our blog.

  3. Jagadeesh

    Pavan, Can you please explain me the 3rd point alone ?
    Jagadeesh recently posted..How to find the template name of any website quicklyMy Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Ofcourse. You can ask you readers to write for your blog by telling them the benefits they can get as a guest blogger.

      Myself, I had invited guest bloggers to write for my blog and I saw the growth in traffic.
      Pavan Somu recently posted..Open Invitation for Guest BloggersMy Profile

  4. Ahmed

    Second tip is best of all tips, for newbies it can be difficult.

  5. shashank

    Commenting and keep good relations with other blogger does helps a lot! Nice theme and liked the funda of guest bloggers! planning to have it open soon on my blog too!
    shashank recently posted..Great way to get HTML5 Tags working in IE8!My Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Thanks for the compliment and Guest Blogging surely helps to develop a blog and increase it’s traffic.

  6. Sai Kumar

    Blog Commenting and Regular posting are the main things to drive traffic to our blog and also we can build strong relationship with fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing this great tips bro 🙂
    Sai Kumar recently posted..Top 5 Free Cloud Storage ProvidersMy Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      I usually publish post for every two days but I do comment regularly. So that I can gain some technology info, build relationship and also some traffic through back-links 😛

  7. Neeraj

    Hello sir,
    Please tell me some tips to increase my blog page rank and tell me that how i can know that any blog is dofollow for commenting.
    Neeraj recently posted..The top 10 tips to secure your computerMy Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Hi Neeraj, I am planning to write an article on Increasing Page Rank. Be sure you visit again to get the required information.

  8. Jack

    Yeah, this tips are so true. I think that sharing the information on Google + is another way to boost our traffic
    Jack recently posted..Cool job search tipsMy Profile

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