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Google Announced The Next Android Version 4.1 “Jelly Bean”

For the present trend, Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system. As Android is open source, global mobile manufacturers are interested and here is the time to celebrate for Android lovers.

Deleting Your Gmail or Google Account

Organizing an email is very important. Most of the people don’t know how to organize their mailbox. Submitting their email wherever seeing ‘submit your email’ which results to hell of spam mails. After getting

Preview Gmail mails with Message Sneak Peek

Gmail Labs are very good and excellent feature for Google Mail users. Labs are not only changing the Gmail’s apperance and performance but also saving the time of an netizen. The latest lab feature

Some Google Searching Tips You Have to Know

It’s the known fact that Google is the best search engine and everyone will arrives at Google for any search. Though the chances are less to find what you are for searching unless you