How to Create a Custom Desktop Icon to Shutdown and Restart Computer

Generally everyone will have fun playing with shortcut keys as well as shortcut icons. Shortcuts saves out time and keeping shortcut with every application is quite good. Do you know that we can play with our pc with shortcuts, I mean we can Shut down, Restart & also lock our workstation with those simple keys by making them as desktop icons.

Everyone know making a Shortcut key (But this post will give you keen idea practically). Let me go into the tutorial.

  1. Right click on your desktop and navigate to New > Shortcut
  2. Create shortcut wizard will be opened after clicking on new shortcut. In the location bar, type “Shutdown.exe -r -t 00” and click Next.
  3. Just name it as Restart
  4. You are done and a shortcut icon will be appeared on the desktop.
  5. Now you can change the icon of the shortcut. To do that right click on the shortcut and select Properties. Click on Change Icon button. The below box with full of icons will be displayed. Select your desired icon and click ok.
  6. Tip: Colour Your Windows Folders With Folderico

  7. Now shortcut icon will be changed . From now you can double click on the shortcut and it will automatically Restart your pc.

Below is the list of other commands to perform other functions like Shotdown, Restart, Sleep, lock computer and hibernate

shutdown -s -t 01

Shutdown.exe -r -t 00

rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

shutdown.exe -h

Lock Workstation
Rundll32.exe User32.dll,LockWorkStation

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  1. Mad geek @beingPC

    You can set more parameter in shutdown.exe

    Go to cmd and type shutdown.exe /?
    .-= Mad geek @beingPC´s last blog ..Disable “Solve PC Issues” Notification Messages in Windows 7 =-.

  2. strGraphics

    This is one of the best way…., nice share

    • NavaPavan

      Nice to see you back here

  3. Siddhu

    Just a warning, the time limit you have given may turn out to be dangerous… you’ve given a command that it should shut down after 1 second.. its ok for fast computers, but for slower ones this is a problem…. it should be changed to a higher value…

    But anyway, nice post…. This trick can even be used to make shut down applications…
    .-= Siddhu´s last blog ..Tips to choose your antivirus =-.

  4. Hami

    I won’t suggest you to make a short-cut to Shutdown your PC, instead simply press ” WINDOWS Button, followed by pressing U two times “”

  5. Ankit

    I tried pressing Windows button, followed by pressing U, but the computer didn’t shut down, instead of that a dialog box appeared of “Windows Narrator”.

  6. Chethan

    As Siddhu said you got to Increase the Time Limit.. this gonna be a problem for lower end Comps…

    Nice Share
    .-= Chethan´s last blog ..Watch out for this year’s Google April Fool! =-.

  7. Dev | Technshare

    nice share bro ..!!

  8. blinkky

    This is really fun stuff…I want to tell my friends about this. Thanks=)

  9. abhi

    Hmmm…I think better to use inbuilt commands 🙂

  10. Hami

    I won’t suggest you to make a short-cut to Shutdown your PC, instead simply press “” WINDOWS Button, followed by pressing U two times “”

    .. first press Windows Button, wait for a second to dialog appears then Press U (two times to shutdown your PC)
    .-= Hami´s last blog ..Auto Send Amazing Tweets and Get More Followers =-.

    • NavaPavan

      This was something simple but making a shortcut will be handy for non-techies

  11. Tyson F. Gautreaux

    this post its very usefull thx!

  12. Pubudu Kodikara

    Hehe… cool! now i can shutdown the easy way! 😀
    .-= Pubudu Kodikara´s last blog ..The Top Free Malware Killer for Windows =-.

  13. Whiztechy

    That’s really cool way. Nice share 🙂
    .-= Whiztechy´s last blog ..All in one Social Networking Platform: Sendible =-.

  14. Amit Banerjee

    I Used to use these shortcuts in XP long ago. Very handy and you need not use any other software… shutdown the computer when download finishes. Thanks for the post
    .-= Amit Banerjee´s last blog ..Add Tattoos In Your Photos Without Using Image Editing Programs =-.

  15. Netchunks

    shutdown.exe can be added with many more paramaters, but still it is a cool way of shutting down the computer without going through the hassle of going to the start menu and on top of that the computer shuts down faster. Thanks
    .-= Netchunks´s last blog ..Free SEO and Affiliate Marketing Software =-.

  16. 40% OFF Offer

    Is there any way through which we can open files and all with keyboard’s button.
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  17. Lapi

    This si very good solution,and i try.When you have shortcut button evreything go quickly and you then have a lot of time.
    .-= Lapi´s last blog ..Movie Director Outs New Project Natal Titles =-.

  18. Tucson Custom Built Computers

    Good to know about this. But don’ customize this thing. 🙂

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