World Series of Poker App Review

The App Store and the Google Play Store are filled with innumerous poker game apps. So if you are a Poker fan then you will just have to land up in one of the store depending on which device you are using and get the best one downloaded for you. Poker players can earn big time sitting at home through this app. Earlier it was the online Poker apps that used to rule the world and now, the games are made available for Smartphone users as well. Now the poker players can play the game anywhere and anytime they want. The World Series of Poker App is now offering you a chance to go to Las Vegas and also the ticket to the main event. This app has its pros and cons too, but it remains to be seen whether it can win over all hearts or not with its functions.

The game and its features

If you like to play online multiplayer game, then this World Series of Poker App will be just perfect for you. If you have played poker game which was developed by Zynga then you are surely going to love this app as well because it is said to have uncanny similarities with that game. In order to play the game you have to sign in through Facebook as it doesn’t offer you to play the game as a guest. Though the developer has promised to work on this and in the next update you might get the chance to play as a guest only. One major drawback about signing in with your Facebook credentials is that it will show your real name to everybody who is on the table and the only way you can change that is by changing your Facebook’s profile name and picture. Therefore, it is completely up to you about whether you are comfortable sharing your name and picture out there.

Expert players required

If you are a beginner then the game is definitely not for you. This game is for experienced players who can display their talent at the world championship. Poker apps are a great way of earning some money without investing much effort from your side. In this poker app you will have to play the game with other online players and that way you will also be able to judge yourself as a player. To improve your skills challenges the other players online with virtual chips that is made available to you. It is user friendly therefore you will not have any problem getting on with the game. Two gameplays are there – Omaha and Texas Hold’em. You can easily start your custom match any time you want by selecting five players so that it speeds up the turns. You can also increase the stake if you want to.

This is a free poker app so you can download it any time you want and start playing the multi-player game online. If you want, you can buy in the VIP subscription for $5 each month and if you are buying a subscription for three months in advance then you will also get a discount. Therefore get started with this app and enjoy.

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