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Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Like any other device, a computer also wants maintenance and care from time to time. A well maintained computer offers fast and quick response. The speed of the PC ultimately affects the working speed

How To Pin Photos via GPS On The Map

Most digital cameras now dominate a GPS geotagging for photos. The free Windows software you can Geosetter the images still receiving their assigned location and then you know even after years, when the photo was

Get Windows 8 User interface For Your Windows Using Transformation Pack

Windows Transformation Pack is a bundle of tools developed to convert any edition of Windows, be it XP, Vista or 7, to Windows 8. The change focuses only on the user interface. The installation

Defend Your Twitter Account From Being Hacked

The present generation is completely enjoying in the path of social media. It is very useful to find out the friends, relatives and to promote a brand. As every coin has two faces like

How To Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen

In the earlier post we provided the Keyboard Shortcuts List for Windows 8. If you are using Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then you are aware of the new Lock Screen which comes during the

Procedure To Delete a Facebook Group

Everyone knows that Facebook is the best place to socialize and interact with friends and family. Most of them spends time on Facebook by commenting and by hitting likes on photos and status updates.