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How To Pin Photos via GPS On The Map

Most digital cameras now dominate a GPS geotagging for photos. The free Windows software you can Geosetter the images still receiving their assigned location and then you know even after years, when the photo was

Get Windows 8 User interface For Your Windows Using Transformation Pack

Windows Transformation Pack is a bundle of tools developed to convert any edition of Windows, be it XP, Vista or 7, to Windows 8. The change focuses only on the user interface. The installation

4 Simple Ways To Change the Text Case

Capitalization of letters is one of the most important parameter in English Grammar. It is so obvious that the first word of a sentence and all proper nouns are always capitalized. Many times people

Move Installed Applications To Another Disk

  Every application that installed in the computer will be rooted in C drive by default. The more number of applications/games you install, the much space it occupies finally resulting ‘low disk space’. It

Colour Your Windows Folders With Folderico

Folderico is a nice little program that allows you to change the color and individual icons of folders right from the context menu. This is a versatile program and can be used in so

Password Protect Your Files With Protect Me

Maintaining Security is very tough job now days. As every one have some secret data which they won’t like to share with others. So here I like to share a small tool which encrypts