Defend Your Twitter Account From Being Hacked

The present generation is completely enjoying in the path of social media. It is very useful to find out the friends, relatives and to promote a brand. As every coin has two faces like good and bad, social media also have it’s advantages and disadvantages. The main bad thing is its security aspect. Twitter and many other social networking sites are facing the same issue, they can be hacked easily. This morning Samsung Mobile Twitter account is hacked. More than 1.1 Million Followers got this Tweet from a iOS Device, probably a iPhone or iPod Touch where the Official Samsung Twitter Account was logged in.


Imagine if your Twitter account is getting accessed by a hacker and if he tweets with all spam links, abusive language or vulgar images. what will happen to your online reputation. To avoid such things there are some solid tips to protect your Twitter account from hackers.

1. Strong Password:

This is the basic thing every web user should keep in mind. You need to set a strong password to your account to gain enough security. You can also associate your mobile phone with your Twitter account for enhanced security.

Twitter Security - Associate Password with Mobile Phone

2. Protect your Tweets:

Many people use Twitter for connecting with their friends & relatives and they don’t wany any other to see their tweets. For those this is a good feature.

Twitter Security - Protect Tweets

3. Enable Secure Connection:

Use a secure connection where possible. Enable it from the settings > accounts > HTTPS only. After enabling this you can see the https in the address bar which indicates you are in a secure mode.

4. Revoke access to unused apps:

You might come across several Twitter apps everyday. Some apps are very good while there are some apps you rarely use. OAuth is the authentication which twitter uses to authenticate the third party apps. Twitter gives this feature only to trusted apps. Make sure you use apps which are using OAuth service for authentication. If you have unintentionally approved an application, then you can revoke access by going to Settings > Apps. This page lists all the third party applications which you have authorized to gain access to your Twitter account and post updates in your profile. Simply click on Revoke access.

Twitter Security - Revoke Access for apps

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