How To Download and Install Apps from Android Market

There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps available to download via the Google Play service, but you might not be sure about how you actually get them on to your smartphone. Here is an overview of the best ways to download and install apps on your Android handset.

Direct Downloads:

All officially licensed Android smartphones will come with access to the Google Play store, which is a service that was previously known as the Android Market.

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You can start up the Google Play service direct from your home screen or you can use your phone’s main menu to find the shortcut to it. The store lets you search through the entire library of apps which are available for Android and they are broken down into categories for convenience.
How To Download and Install Apps from Android Market

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When you see an app you want, you can simply tap on it from within Google Play and the process of adding it to your phone will begin. You need to have a Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G data connection for this process to complete. You will also need a Google account and if the app is paid-for rather than free you will need a payment card linked to it to complete the transaction and start the download. You can use cellphone expert to find affordable data plans which will reduce the expense associated with downloading apps.

The download and the installation can take place in the background, so you can continue to use your phone for other purposes and you will be notified once it has completed.

Remote Initiation:

Back in early 2011, Google launched its online Android Market service, which was accessible from a PC web browser. In the new Google Play, this service is still available and you can use it as you would on your phone to look through all of the apps and purchase or download ones that catch your eye.

When logged in with your Google account, you can use the site to instantly initiate the download and installation of an app directly to your phone without actually having to browse the market from the handset.

This is convenient as it means you can do everything on your PC with a mouse and keyboard while looking at a larger display and then get the app on to your phone wireless with no need for cabled synchronization.

Storage/Installation Location:

You can either install apps to your Android phone’s integrated allocation of memory or to a separate SD memory card if you have one available.

Those with phones that have limited on-board storage might want to choose an SD card as their preferred destination for apps that have been downloaded and installed, since this will leave them with more space and prevent their phone being filled up prematurely.

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Of course, if you do not have a memory card or even a slot for one on your Android phone then you will need to manage your apps carefully to make sure that you have enough room.

App Management:

With the most recent few iterations of Android it is very easy to manage your applications by visiting the Applications menu within the Settings menu of your phone.

From here, you can look at all of the apps that you have downloaded and installed. Simply tapping on this list of apps will let you uninstall one, unless of course it is an app which comes as a standard part of Android, in which case you cannot remove it yourself without hacking your device.

You can also perform an uninstall remotely, as you can with an app download, by using the Google Play service. Just visit the My Android Apps section of the site and you will be able to delete any apps you have installed easily and quickly.

So the only thing that is left to do is to have a look at Google Play and choose a few apps to download and install on your Android phone. You will find that the process of searching for useful programs and installing them is easy to learn and can provide you with many useful new features for your handset.

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