How To Unlike a Facebook Page in Timeline View

Facebook, the tremendous growing social media is making the internet users addict to it’s service through it’s apps, games, updated designs. No doubt it’s the third biggest country. You can see the statistics of Facebook with the unique visitors upto 2011.

Every Facebook user is familiar with “Facebook Page”. Pages are used to focus a organization, brand, person, place, community , artists etc.. Users can like the page and share their own opinions and can get updates from that page.

Now a days pages are growing like mushrooms and users are simply hitting the like button if they had fun for a single wall post and later they are suffering for liking the page as irrelevant posts are being posted. That situation really annoys the users and they finally decides to leave the page. Here the problem starts to the basic users who don’t have much knowledge about the updated features of the new timeline view.

Steps to Unlike a Page:

  • Login into facebook.
  • Open the page that you need to unlike.

  • At top right corner below the cover, there will be a drop down menu where you can find the option to unlike the page.
  • Click on Unlike button.
  • Now Your task is completed. From now you won’t get any updates from that page.
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