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iPhone 5 Launched – First Look, Specifications and Pricing

Finally the most awaiting day for Apple lovers came live. Philip Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc wrapped off the iPhone 5 during the press event in San Francisco.

Five Gadgets That Are Predicted To Change The World

You have seen many gadgets in the market, in your house, and everywhere you have gone. Are you wondering which gadgets are for the future or which gadgets would change the world? Well, I

iPhone 5 Will Be Officially Launched Or It Is Just Rumors Around

There is nothing much to write about the iPhone 4S other than on papers as instead of launching a radically different iPhone 5, Apple just added an “S’ to the already existing bone. However

Apple Devising New Strategy for Tablet Competition

Again the tech companies meet at the Ipad background. Every other company is coming out with an iPad to win the race in the tablet foray. For example Google has already started the shipment

Review on the Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered to be the fiercest rival of the highly popular iPhone 4S. It is the latest version of the long line of Samsung Galaxy smart phones that have topped

10 Best Android Mobiles below Rs.10, 000

Few years back, smart phones usually didn’t fit into most of the people’s budgets. But as the cost of manufacture came down, people found smart phones affordable and pretty much fitting in their budgets.