Apple Devising New Strategy for Tablet Competition

Again the tech companies meet at the Ipad background. Every other company is coming out with an iPad to win the race in the tablet foray. For example Google has already started the shipment of Nexus7, which is petite and also pocket friendly. Nexus7 is already equipped to give both Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s kindle a tough fight. With Amazon and Google fast catching up could Microsoft be much behind.

Microsoft has proudly announced this summer the launch of its own tablet baptized as “surface”. This has created ripples of speculation regarding its specs and quality in the tech market. With Microsoft all geared up Amazon is slogging hard to upgrade and launch a newer version of its Kindle Fire which is believe to appear in larger display. Going by what the developers revealed Kindle Fire is believed to directly compete with iPad.

Apple New Strategy

With so much of competition hurling from different direction Apple doesn’t seem to yield to these overcoming pressures. On the face of odds it plans to keep waving its flag higher with its new tablet that comes in a 7.85 inch screen that will also be much reasonable. Apples tryst with smaller screen to put its first step into the text-book business strategy.  This is an attempt to trap in customers who want tablets of different sizes to be included in the iPad product family as considered to by research analyst and technology experts.

Apple seems to grasp the loyalty of different kind of customers with different taste of models and mobile sizes along with different price and functions associated with it. This would extend Apple’s root deeper into the tablet market and it would become impossible for any other company to dismantle Apple from its position.

As pointed out by a former Apple manager and present consultant a smaller tablet would deliver more customers to the company as people who could not carry apple iPad with themselves owing to its huge size will now  want some to use on the move. While the seven inch monster might get too much for a man’s pocket, it will fit in comfortably inside a woman’s purse. These aggressive strategies also came handy before when Apples rival wanted to outflank Apple’s music player iPod. Apple then experimented with the design of iPod so much that it ended up changing the range of the product from a $49 iPod shuffle sans a screen to an iPod that could be attached to a runner shirt that was a heavier device which could hold as much as 40,000 songs. The strategy was so successful that it almost acquired a monopoly in the np3 music player business. Apple went along to hold almost 80% of United States share for the first few months of the year.

The most threatening rival to Apple now is Google’s nexus 7 which is an android device that is available at $199 and is self wrought by the company. Nexus with a 7 inch screen has already won the heart of customers and critics who have awarded them with raving reviews. With the news of Surface being out in the market by the fall apple should start buckling up its business strategies before it’s too late. Microsoft thinking to invest $605 million in Barnes & Noble’s Nook business it seems apple rival in the tablet business is already bolstering up.

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  1. Scott

    Like all popular products, a younger, better looking, cheaper product always pops out of no where and takes all the attention. I think when Microsoft’s $200(supposed) tablet comes out, it will be a real game changer. Its probably be until then that we can see some real effort in tablet design. Apple’s getting comfortable being at the top, its time they get back to being innovative and lead in technological design.
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  2. mohit rajwani

    Quality posts is the important to be a focus for the viewers to pay a visit the web page, that’s what this site is providing.
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  3. Perx

    It’s with the competition which made Apple changed mind to do a 7 inches or smaller than iPad tablet. They might have seen how portable and convenient to get a hold of it than a 10 inches tablet, (it’s thin but still not lighter).
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  4. Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

    Samsung android OS and Nexus are cheaper with almost similar functions with apple iOS. I wonder how Apple is gonna make lasting impact in the tablet industry since theirs seems more expensive
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