Is The BlackBerry Z10 SmartPhone For Me?

Following a great deal of fanfare about its brand new operating system, Research in Motion has unleashed the first device to feature it upon the world. It has been revealed that the new BlackBerry z10 will be available on the EE 4G network in the UK, but is it the right phone for you?

Here is a quick look at some of the features of BlackBerry 10, the z10 smartphone and what it will cost you on a 24-month 4G contract through EE.

A Quick Tour of BlackBerry 10:

BlackBerry z10
Licking its wounds after being marginalized by Apple, Samsung and even Nokia, Research in Motion took the bold (pardon the pun) step of developing its own operating system. There’s no doubt about it, BlackBerry 10 is good enough to compete with iOS 6, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Windows 8, but it will need to continue to grow if it is to succeed. To get it started though, BlackBerry Balance allows you to separate your professional and personal life, while BlackBerry Hub integrates email, social and other applications. There are also enhanced features like a more intuitive on-screen keyboard and the highly impressive Time Shift function, which allows you to correct photographs by taking sections of them backwards or forwards ‘in time’.

The upcoming BlackBerry Q10 has yet to get a release date, though those who have been awaiting a 4G smartphone from RIM that features a physical QWERTY keyboard may still be holding out for one. In the meantime, the BlackBerry Z10 is out there and in addition to the 4.2-inch multi-touch display, the phone boasts a dual-core processor to keep everything ticking along smoothly and the ability to shoot high definition video. One thing it also has going for it that puts it one step ahead of some of its competitors is HDMI connectivity, so accessing and sharing pictures or movies you’ve shot is easier.

How much is it going to it cost?

First off, you’ll need to pay for the device itself, though what you spend will depend entirely on your monthly tariff. In turn, what you’ll be charged here will be dependent on how much 4G data you plan to use. EE offers 24-month contracts of between £31 per month to £61 per month on the Z10 and for that you can expect between 500MB and 20GB of data. The initial cost for the phone, on the other hand, starts at £29.99 if you choose one of the higher tariffs and goes up to £199.99for those looking to spend less on a monthly basis.

It remains to be seen how BlackBerry 10 will fare in the competitive world of next generation smartphones, but with the z10 in its corner RIM is off to a great start.

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    BlackBerry Company is outdated now but this handset is very good

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