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Top 5 Latest Themes for WordPress News

Whether it’s online or offline presentation of news, the buzzword is on presentation. Neat orientation without the show of fuzziness is what distinguishes professionally laid out news templates from those lacking in precision and

Some Best Alternatives to WordPress CMS

Hey guys, as you all know, WordPress is world’s best Content Management System (CMS) for your needs as either for a personal website or for a business one, WordPress is preferred by all for

Auto-Backup Your WordPress Database Directly in Your Inbox (With Backup Scheduler Plugin)

Who do want to get his website into disasters and danger. In my opinion, no one wants to, do you? I mean to say that a powerful platform came into existence when your hard-ships

How To Upgrade WordPress Blog Manually

Stop wondering as to why upgrade your WordPress blog when it’s working all fine. Upgrading helps protecting your blog against hacking and related security threats and getting rid of errors and bugs. After knowing

Magazine Style Free WordPress Themes

WordPress wordpress wordpress!! Everyone going crazy about this. Present generation blogs are mostly hosted on wordpress. Plenty of resources are growing day by day to fulfil the needs of wordpress bloggers. Most of the

List of Some Popular Universities Using WordPress

Everyone agrees that wordpress is a powerful cms platform. As an open-source application it was used by many industries. We have made a research and found that some familiar universities are using WordPress platform.