How PDF Files Have Become the Everyday Norm

We live interesting times; everything that happens in our lives occurs at a remarkable speed. We barely have the time to reflect upon the new realities imposed on us by the unwritten laws of progress. We are usually obliged to successfully adjust to the continuous flow of changes – and the sooner the better if you ask me.

I wouldn’t like to start complaining, though, as I feel pretty comfortable myself dealing with new challenges; as for the speed with which they occur, all I can say is that when I was a child I always dreamt of becoming a professional runner – a fast runner! To put it differently, what I’m trying to say here is that our lives might be dictated by a speed that the previous generations couldn’t have even imagined (there was a time when people hadn’t even thought of internet, for instance); nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a reason to make us feel uncomfortable. Humans are able to adjust and transform, our intelligence allow us to connect with the world around us, no matter how fast this world is changing.


In this rapidly changing world, consumers are searching for comfort and convenience more than anything else. Digital technologies obviously inspire us to focus on what makes our lives easier and practical. There was once a time when one had to get dressed, catch a bus, walk around the city just to get this book he’d read about the other day. Since Jeff Bezos conquered (and irreversibly altered) the market of books by giving birth to Amazon, the procedure of getting your books was simplified down to a few clicks. Everything is a matter of a few seconds now, since more and more books are to also be found in electronic format – so you won’t even wait for them to be delivered at your door step, but have the information directly transferred and available on your device – usually in a PDF format. It doesn’t weight anything at all!

Back in the day, every summer you were preparing yourself to go for holidays you had to carry half a dozen of books with you; just imagine what could happen to a fan of Thomas Pynchon! In case you missed this, Pynchon’s novels are all many hundreds pages long… Digital technology made it easier for all of us book lovers to travel lightly while not missing our beloved books. It goes without a saying; consumers tend to get more and more demanding, this is why it is very important for some of us to read pdf files in the most satisfactory possible way.


The days of carrying your book at the beach might not be over completely (just take a look around you next time you go for swimming). Still, there is surely a significant number of book lovers that enjoy reading their favorite books in the form of a PDF file that can be easily edited and transformed. What is more, with the appropriate PDF software you can even read your favorite graphic novels – have you ever tried to read Warren Ellis at the beach by the Mediterranean?

Best thing about PDF software is the fact that they are so easy to handle that even if you are not exactly an internet expert you won’t find it particularly hard to manage it; not to mention that you can download them for free! The idea today is simple: we should be able to read, listen or watch anything, anywhere! Reading is an old habit; nothing should stop us from revamping it, though, don’t you think?

Long story short, the more technology advances, the more delicate and demanding consumers needs tend to become. Everyday habits such as ordering food, taking a taxi or reading a book can only be subjected to various changes. Nothing stays the same; for every single person that misses the smell of a book bought from the old bookstore downtown, there is a person that unquestionably prefers to store a thousand of them on a tablet or even more of them on a hard-drive. It is important to keep up to pace, thus offering on-the-spot solutions to the nowadays consumers of digital written material. PDF software seems to be the key!

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  1. Muneeb Dogar

    Adobe software is so easy to handle that even if you are not exactly an internet expert you will come to know how to use it. it is very handy and i am using it all the time. Well done Admin. Great Post 🙂 🙂

  2. Jon Page Acabo

    Maybe, why PDF is largely use today, it is because it is a more compressed-size files. So you don’t have to worry memory space.

  3. Ion

    PDFs files a good for reading magazines, newslapers and books with pictures. I prefer books in ePub or Mobi because they give you the possibility to increase the font size and even change the font, which PDF format doesn’t allow.

    PDFs is the best format for people who don’t have insalled a software for reading ePub or Mobi format books. Adobe Reader for viewing PDFs is installed on almost every computer,

  4. Neha


  5. Jeff M

    This a a great piece about PDF Files. I really agree with you when you say they have become the everyday norm. More people need to read this. Thanks again.

  6. abhishek

    Really a worth reading post ! it explains it all so easliy ! thank you for sharing this article !! 🙂

  7. Jamie

    A great article. Yes I agree that technology has made life so much easier. There has been many a time ive used my smartphone to order something from ebay, find out directions and even organising a date without having to talk to the girl face to face. I do however feel I need a hard copy book in front of me rather than read on a tablet. However I believe this is down to my generation where we were brought up on books and had kindles implemented only a few years ago. I believe the true measure will be the next generation that has been born into the kindle world, rather than our generation which has had to embrace the technology as someting new.

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