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Torrentz Site is Back with a Clone Containing All Torrent Data

The largest torrent meta-search engine silently shut down it’s service on Aug 5th, 2016. Just after 4 days later the incident occurred, they are back with a clone on a new domain. The

How PDF Files Have Become the Everyday Norm

We live interesting times; everything that happens in our lives occurs at a remarkable speed. We barely have the time to reflect upon the new realities imposed on us by the unwritten laws of

The Rise of Certificate Abuse

In January 2014, security experts discovered a Windows file called Word13.exe that claimed to be signed by a security certificate from Adobe Systems. However, when experts checked the certificate’s properties, they discovered Windows didn’t

Zoho, The Best CRM Tool For Small Businesses

Here in this post we have accompanied a survey on a site named Zoho. All things considered, I might say this site is great to work with. You can take a shot at with

Grow Your Business Using Online Store

As technology changes, consumer buying habits have changed with it. More and more consumers are shopping around online or researching a company online before they ever enter the store. Having an online store gives

How To Keep Children Safe From Adult Sites On Internet

Internet connection is in every house at present generation. It is a wide resource to learn everything. Whatever you need, you can simply go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and search for it by