Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Almost everyone has his/her Facebook and/or Twitter account. Most of the time, long lost friends use this social media platforms to connect and communicate with each other. We use Twitter to announce important events and news that need to reach a wide audience. Games such as bingo on Facebook can even be played on one’s spare time. Millions of photos are shared daily on Facebook. In short, we have plenty of use for social media sites available to us today. Be it on games, entertainment, or sharing our precious moments to loved ones, Facebook has somewhat become a part of our daily lives.
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With the evident popularity of social media in today’s culture, some think that we should be more responsible in using it. Social media sites like Facebook have given every single one of us the channel and power to communicate to a broader audience; hence, it would only be logical to practice proper behavior online. However, there are plenty of people who tend to forget that your actions online may directly reflect your behavior in real life. Kindly continue reading to learn some of the dos and don’ts in using social media.

1. (Do) Promoting a good cause:

Raising awareness and promoting an advocacy through social media can prove to be very effective. Sharing your cause in your social media pages can definitely attract a wide range of audience. People from all walks of life who see your posts can join your cause and share it to even more people. It’s like viral marketing working for the good of the society.

2. (Don’t) Online bullying:

Cyberbullying has become a major issue today. As if bullying in real life isn’t serious enough, some have also resort to bullying people on the internet. Bashing indiscriminately, and with no basis at all, should not be tolerated whether it be online or physically. Such behavior has no place in the society, especially now that more and more people are getting victimized by it.

3. (Do) Product/brand advertisement:

Social media has proven to be a very effective tool in promoting a brand or product. In fact, there are advertising campaigns created solely for social media and online purposes. A viral advertising campaign in Facebook or Twitter can definitely make or break a product. That’s just how powerful social media is in terms of being a channel for advertisement.

4. (Don’t) Black hat SEO tricks:

Statistics and studies show that social media can indeed drive traffic to a website. This is a sign of an effective campaign if done legitimately. However, using spam and other black hat methods through social media in optimizing a website is certainly frowned upon. Not only does it give a fake and useless traffic to websites, it can also bring harm to social media users through viruses and malicious softwares.

These are just some of the dos and don’ts of using your social media accounts. We can consider these as some of the unwritten rules in using your Facebook, Twitter of Google+ accounts. Surely, there are other things aside from the ones mentioned above. How about you, do you have other things to share? Hit on the comments below and let’s have a healthy discussion!

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  1. Ali Ahmad

    Thanks pawan for wrting this. I made accounts on most of social networks is there any way to manage all of them simultaneously?

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