5 Best Android Apps For Business

If you are a businessman, then you must be dealing with the problem of managing time, business plans, meetings, and a lot more. Moreover, being a successful entrepreneur requires you to value time-time is money. Speaking of money, it is very important to keep a track of every single penny.

Hence it is crucial to seek the help of experts in this matter. Of course, you cannot accomplish everything single-handedly. For instance, if you were to check on your invoice payment processes, then you would need the help of professionals, who are perhaps adept at ach processing, which is an advanced banking service that can help with all your financial needs.

That said, the above-mentioned service is an example of the tremendous advancement in technology, which helps the smooth running of the business without having to undergo physical labor.

Business platforms and solutions tend to undergo advancements as the need arises in different industries. Sometimes several factors can combine in the making of software. Say, for example, time is of great value, and so is ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) performance for any business enterprise. Having reliable Sustainability, supply chain and ESG software solutions, Greenstone, for example, can be of great advantage to the business. They can fulfill their sustainability strategies as well as save time with the ease of streamlining different processes.

Since large businesses tend to have several processes, the availability of a proper database is imperative. When all the business processing is listed in the online portal, it enables everyone to keep track of the entire firm’s operation. In case of any misleading, data analytics will help you to locate the error and rectify it.

Truth be told, advancements are made and they brought the whole world into our hands. Luckily this technology has also given us Android. It supports so many apps that can help us to increase productivity in business. There are many apps in the Android’s official app store, Google Play.

In this post, I am going to list the best Android apps for entrepreneurs. Those concerned about the security of their data may need not worry as these are some of the reputed applications and tend to have high in-app security to avoid any kind of data leakage or phishing. Having said that, let’s have a look at the apps.

5 Best Android Apps For Business

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5 Best Android Apps For Business

As a businessperson, you need to carry lot of documents. But carrying bulky files with you is an old concept. You can now perform the same task with your Android smartphone or tablet. Scan2PDF is the app which I am talking about. This app scans the documents and immediately converts it into digital form which can be stored on your Android’s memory. PDF is the file format which is created by this awesome app. You can send this PDF file to anyone using the Email.

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5 Best Android Apps For Business

Probably the best Android app made for business persons. The app converts your Android into a virtual notebook. You can record any information in the text format, using this app. The new version of the app also supports voice recording feature by which you can record your voice. This is helpful in recording some important business meetings or speech.

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5 Best Android Apps For Business

While talking about the Android for business, we can’t avoid to list this app. Dropbox is the world’s no.1 cloud file storage service. You can store your files and then can access them remotely. In the business, we always need to work with computer files. There are some chances when we need any particular file urgently and because of having no physical access to our system, we can’t access them. Well, this will not happen with any business person ever, by using this app. We can upload the useful files in Dropbox account and can access them, whenever we want, directly from our Android gadget.

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Google Translate

5 Best Android Apps For Business

During our business meets, we come across with people from different cities. These people speak different languages, which we can’t understand. This is where the Google Translate app from search giant Google, comes into use. The app provides the facility of translating between 60+ languages. We just need to enter the text there and it will convert the text into any language of our choice. This is must have app for all business persons, especially for those, who keep travelling in different cities and countries for their business needs.

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5 Best Android Apps For Business

Well, this is must have for international business persons. The app allows you to make cheap calls to anywhere in the world. Using this awesome app, you can save a lot on your telephone bills. The app is official release from the popular video messaging tool Skype and offers same features on your Android. You can make video calls to your friends and that also by using the camera of your Android smartphone or tablet as webcam. This app is free to use and can be downloaded from Google Play.

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So this is the list of best Android apps for entrepreneurs. If you have any other app in your mind, then do let us know by your comments in the comment section below.

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  1. Bhavesh

    post is really good all app is awesome for Business and best one is skypee thanxx for sharing……!!!
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  2. Itender Rawat

    I would like to add dropbox on the top position! Anyways you included a nice list of apps which are currently most popular. Great work!
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  3. Faizan Habib

    well Am not a businessman.. write about apps for students:)
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  4. Deo Guru Chaturvedi

    one word for Dropbox that is Awesome

  5. Olawale Daniel

    I personally love Dropbox and Evernote because these two apps have great features that makes it easier for me to manage things and do things faster.
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    Android applications market is growing. It is getting popularity over other mobile application development. Thanks for providing the information
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    Yup, androids are turning the world upside down with the fabulous applications that are getting along. It is the android app that is highly demanded, since the number of android users worldwide are higher in number when compared to that of other Smartphone users.

  8. Rabia Akram

    Evernote started life as a simple way to make notes, and turned into a kind of seamless extension of our memory….just awesome.
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  9. Vincent Armstead

    Great apps shown but drop box is the best of all..
    Android users have been increasing day by day so android development has increased a lot.
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  10. Martin

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