Space Settlers: Online Sci-Fi RTS Game For iPhone and iPad

Recently, Space Settlers, as the first online Sci-Fi RTS game for iPhone iPad, has quickly swept the App store and captivated billions of iOS gamers worldwide. Generally, iPhone game library is dominated by casual games. For me, when it comes to RTS game for iOS-based gadgets, I questioned, with some suspension about it. But after a few days of playing this online game on my iPhone 5, I must admit it has all the elements of a great game controls, impressive graphics and a great plot, offering excellent blend of action and strategy, that get me lost in the experience.

To start with, Space Settlers strikes a chord with a stirring storyline.

Scientist Hawking, who has devoted himself to the field of theoretical physics, proved the existence of the most fascinated God Particle can be dated back to 13 billion years with the help of a super computer and predicted dark energy, which is named as “Dark Energy Crystal”, existed in the form of crystal at the infancy of the universe and has become the most powerful energy source. In this online game, Terra is offered as the place with extraordinary technological remains left by ancient people, this has opened new frontiers for the humanity and now it is up to us to establish a space station and expand to other planetary areas.

Perhaps, the most important reason that real-time strategy zealots have been drooling over it worldwide shall give the credit to its thrilling and strategic game play.

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In a bird’s eye or a top down perspective, Space Settlers allows iPhone iPad gamers to easily navigate and jump around to control buildings and units. All construction, control, research and movement are all occurring in real time, all of which throw you into a strong sense of urgency. Space Settlers is the first ever RTS game for iPhone iPad to deliver truly strategic as well as tactical gaming with an emphasis on scope. Featuring mecha combat, Space Settlers ticks all the usual boxes when it comes to an online RTS game, you collect precious resources, build your command center, war factory, learn advanced techs, upgrade your buildings, create a legion, join the legion, conquer the fortresses, launch adventurous battles, destroy your enemy, etc, keeping you occupied with variety, intense missions, etc. What shall be particularly mentioned is that when you obsess with the online multiplayer game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will also thumb up for its simple game design and intuitive and sleek interface, all helping to experience an ultra-easy online real time strategic adventure for both professionals and newbies through this online iPhone game.
Space Settler Preview
Not only does it have gripping storyline and action-packed gameplay, this online RTS iPhogame did such an amazing job with his amazing graphics. If anyone can say there is a better graphical game than Space Settlers, I will say you are lying. What make this game different? Well it doesn’t have any major glitches. The amazing visuals and soul-stirring sound will without any doubt get you lost in the experience.

This online iPhone iPad game is also available on videos, anyone who are interested in this RTS game can see the demo here.

For those who are eager to know more about this online RTS game, please go to App store here.

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  1. Ashleen Moreen

    I haven’t tried this game yet but this one looks really interesting. I would try to introduce this to my brother because he’s a game addict.
    Ashleen Moreen recently posted..Timber Sliding Doors To Make Best Use Of The Space In Your HomeMy Profile

  2. Carol

    small size with plenty of creative features, magnificent graphics. it can be downloaded for free from iTunes, it should be worth a good price in my opinion. thanks for sharing.

  3. Ameila

    I like these kind of games and especially like to play the spaceship mmorpg games that I can play online with lots of different people.

  4. Rajkumar

    Interesting plot for the game. I am sure it will start attracting dedicated games on mobile very soon. Its my turn to experiment it soon. Let me do it!!
    Rajkumar recently posted..Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in EuropeMy Profile

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