5 Different Ways of Getting Jobs Through Twitter

Twitter is now one of the most happening social media sources which can help you get a job in the wink of an eye. Twitter is the place where you can get noticed quite easily. At the destination, you would have lots of sources to make use of. Through Twitter, you can build the best connections. At the same time, you can well make use of the connections to reach the top or to get the desired job in hand.

Now, it is not that you open Twitter and you get the job at your doorstep. You have to dedicate an amount of time to the purpose. You could be fascinated to know that this platform tends to have some hacks that can help you keep your profile highlighted. For instance, scheduling Twitter threads can increase your engagement on the platform, which means your tweets would achieve more views, and so would your profile. This increased view can potentially land your profile up on the feed of some top-rated recruiters as well, making it a win-win. Well, this is just one of the steps to staying on top of the Twitter game. And on that note, here are some more.

Getting Jobs Through Twitter

5 Good Ways by Which Twitter can Help You

  • Introduce yourself on Twitter – Make yourself known on Twitter. This is extremely important. Before yo0u start finding a job you should know how to prove your worth. So that when people are watching you on Twitter they would know that that you are right for the position. Who you are and where do you stand – this is the first thing you need to relate.
  • Tell People that you need job – When you are looking for job through Twitter you must make a declaration that you need a job. This is essential and effective networking is a strong criterion. Your active search will open more doors for you. In this way you have an increased chance to reach out to more numbers of recruiters.
  • Interact with the industry experts – Through Twitter, you can relate to authors, on-field professionals, and relevant public speakers. These are people who can well instruct you on how to put on the best behavior while at work and in what ways can you prove yourself to be a worthy candidate. Take feedback from the industry leaders and they would be able to tell you the exact scenario.

    On Twitter, your public presence is your portfolio. Experts generally look for professionals with some amount of certification. If you’re trying to get in touch with a sales expert, for example, make sure your profile emphasizes that you’ve qualified yourself through some Retail sales training or perhaps a digital sales course. When your profile is noteworthy, industry experts are more likely to pay attention to you and take you seriously.

  • Having a preemptive profile – Just in 160 characters tell the recruiters what you are eligible for. You can say “I have Fixed Income Markets Certification (FIMC)”. If any bankers or bond trading platforms are looking for candidates with FIMC, you have a high chance of getting noticed. This would give the employers an idea that you are exactly what they have been looking for so far. Of course, for this, you need to clear the certification, maybe you can join the Wall Street Prep fixed income course or similar reputed programs to get yourselves trained by former trading professionals. Certifications programs are great for getting yourself noticed online, that is if you use the right keywords. The tagline is enough to prove your eligibility in the field.
  • Following job posting feeds – There are specific Twitter profiles which are meant for the purpose you are seeking for. There is the freelance genre where you would always find some new jobs being posted. You can search diligently with the help of TweepSearch. Make sure not to get into anything controversial. For instance, there have been instances of people being accused of drug abuse by their former employers on Twitter. Perhaps they had undergone a drug screening conducted by Health Street (locate the firms by looking up drug test sites in St. Louis on the Web) and the result was positive. Remember, if something like this happens, it can hamper your profile, and at the same time, can cause hindrance in your job searching process. So, be careful in what you are doing.

Once you have gone through the above points you well know what you can find on Twitter. This can even make you aware regarding how Twitter can help you in your job search. So be happy to involve Twitter in your career building process.

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  1. Janmejaya

    Great method to getting an job from twitter.
    But i think so blog is an office if you are interested to starting your job in online then twitter is the best method to promoting your site.
    Janmejaya recently posted..How to save your blog from Google panda and penguin updateMy Profile

  2. Nizam Khan

    Well yes, interaction with the industry experts is really a good & helpful strategy, one can interact with people who can properly instruct and as well as one can take feedback. And yes, a good/effective tagline is important, as it will give people an idea and it shows one’s eligibility in the field. Thanks Raj for sharing this info 🙂
    Nizam Khan recently posted..4 Devastating Social Media MishapsMy Profile

  3. Umer Rock

    really nice work with twitter . 🙂
    Umer Rock recently posted..What Is Difference Between A Netbook, Notebook, Ultrabook, Laptop, & Palmtop?My Profile

  4. Umer Rock

    but if job with facebook it will be better. 🙂
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  5. Bobby

    Yes following the job feeds will let us to find the opportunities very quickly
    Bobby recently posted..What Care You Should Take While Buying Computer and Hardware Through Online?My Profile

  6. shubham

    i never imagined that we can use Twitter for getting work also….amaze to see it..!!
    shubham recently posted..iOS 6 Maps: What’s the Fuss About?My Profile

  7. mohit rajwani

    i was using Facebook till now only to get work but from now i will also try twitter also..thanks
    mohit rajwani recently posted..Programming With C #3 Checking Entered Number Is Perfect Square Or NotMy Profile

  8. gautamcool1

    Job on twitter it’s really cool and will also help very muuch…thnxx for your Article Pavan…!!
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  9. Rabia Akram

    Simple and nice tips you mentioned, i want to know that will it be effective to post a portfolio of my work along with my profile?
    Rabia Akram recently posted..Top 10 iPhone 5 Features for Small BusinessMy Profile

  10. Robinsh Kumar

    I agree that twitter is build for easy interactions under 160 words but I think when it comes to using social networking sites in India then everyone prefers to use Facebook and that’s why I would like to suggest a facebook page for job seekers @

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