Using Apple or Android For Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is now the fastest-growing sector of the online gaming market and every month it seems that new casino games are becoming available along with better versions of existing ones.

Already you can play on your mobile phone all the classics such as roulette, blackjack, scratch cards, slots, and video poker. Nowadays, you can also play games such as pool or golf on platforms like eSkillz Games which can help you earn as well. With the rising popularity of crypto and NFTs, gaming vendors can make use of it to reward players. And, if the industry continues to develop at the current pace, it shouldn’t be too long before there are games such as Gotham Knights that would also be supported on iPhone or on Android phones. Well, who wouldn’t want to have their fair share of fun playing with characters like Batman, Batgirl and Robin – that too, at their own leisure on their phones and earn rewards as well?

With the introduction of games like casinos on the online platform, there is no more the need to travel or to stay in one place in order to play. This is of course great since you can choose even a Canadian online casino while sitting at home. But of course, you may need to be a little extra vigilant in choosing the site for your game. Even here, however, you do not need to worry as sites similar to can help you well. Thanks to technology, everything is available at the tap of your fingers.

There are two kinds of mobile casino games: those played in the browser and standalone browser independent games. Some examples of browser-based online casinos include Jonny Jackpot, Captain Spins, and Royal Vegas, which allow you to play on their websites. The sites can also be considered low-deposit casinos (check out “Play at 10 euro deposit casinos“), where gamblers can begin betting with a minimum deposit.

When it comes to mobile casino games, Apple’s decision not to support Adobe Flash at first affected their quality; many used Adobe Flash, which was a browser plug-in that ran as a browser plug-in, and were available within the Android Chrome browser whereas they had to be rewritten in HTML5 for iPhone Safari. Generally, user experience with flash-based games was better than with HTML5-based games.

However, considerable effort was devoted to improving HTML5 and nowadays it is considered to be superior to flash – certainly for mobile gaming. As a result HTML5 browser-based mobile casino games have been released for both iPhone and Android, and there is very little difference between them.

It is a similar story for standalone non-browser-based games in that the downloadable apps use a runtime environment that is essentially the same on the iPhone and Android. Consequently, there is very little difference between the two; both are in fact quite stunning.

As progressively more mobile casino games become available whether to use Apple or Android for mobile gaming is really a matter of which hardware you prefer. Apple devotees will always prefer iPhone while there are many advantages of the latest Android phones, and whatever the current situation the soon to be announced launch of the iPhone 5 is likely to be yet another game changer.

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  1. firdosh joy

    I am using android phone an this is the best one for games and application. Recently “Amazing Spider Man ” games launched for android phone and i am just wait to install it in my android phone and enjoy the game.
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  2. Arslanh

    Android is definitely better than iphone interms of specs and also screen.
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    hey i am going to promoted to contributor or not….??
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  4. Nizam Khan

    Well, as you mentioned there is not a big difference between these two, moreover both are quite impressive. But yes, it,s really a matter of fact which device is preferred. Thanks Aktar for this wonderful post 🙂
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  5. Utsav

    Android and Apple both are doing good in their respective place but Android is my first choice…..
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  6. Rabia Akram

    Combine the iPhone with an apple TV …guess what…the effect is pretty nice on your 60 inch tv, makes gaming fun.
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