Ensure A Secured Website With Captcha And Get Paid As Well

Do you want to secure your website to the fullest by equally getting paid in the process? If yes is your answer, then the following article will give you the best source of information quite like the way you want. Thanks to Captcha, you will ensure exemplary security for your prized website and hence you have nothing to worry in the process as well. It pays to be the owner of the website which is fully protected. After all, then only you can derive the best source of enjoyment like never before. Besides getting the site security which is just the best of its kind, you are going to be equally paid per slide as well. The whole operation is managed by easy to use admin panel. Hence, as you are associated with Captcha, you only have to derive exemplary and electrifying enjoyment since you know that you have the exemplary service which is simply way ahead of the rest. Great is not it?


It pays to be associated with the highly sophisticated Sliding Captcha which features advanced security. Nothing in the world can be as enjoying and refreshing than being assured of the high degree of success rate which is indeed 94% in the case. Besides, ensuring greater chance of success, you equally generate increasing income as well.
Sliding Captcha


SLIDING CAPTCHA is easily able to work on any modern web browser which includes mobile as well as tablet devices. It gets integrated in an easy way as well.

Generate Money Like Never Before:

Monetize your CAPTCHAs and ensure the ever increasing success rate by equally reducing bounce rate on your website. The best thing is that you do not have to compromise on security in the process. SLIDING CAPTCHAS is one of the enriching securities available on the web.
Earn Money with Captcha
If you though, that SLIDING CAPTCHA is difficult to integrate or you have to put in a lot of effort in doing the same, then think again. Since getting SLIDING CAPTCHA installed is actually a child’s play. It is like adding few lines to your esteemed website.

Minteye is a reputed company which combines CAPTCHA security technology with advertising. There are range of programming languages which is being supported by minteye such as Joomla Plugin, WordPress Plugin, Drupal Plugin, DotNetNuke, vBulletin, and phpBB Plugin, C# ASP.NET, VB ASP.NET, PHP, Java, ASP, Python, Perl

Hence, as you are in full control of your website, you can maximize your profits by monetizing your site content. Therefore, it is just a matter of time that you start seeing the profits roll in as well.

Now boost your business like never before by generating increasing traffic as it cannot be possible without Captcha. The whole world is deriving immense and everlasting business and you should not wait any further towards changing your life for the better as well. After all, be smart and take the assistance of a highly professionalized and effective service which has certainly carved a niche for itself. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. jithin

    great article and nice tips that every blogger or a site owner should try….
    jithin recently posted..Survive From Google Panda UpdateMy Profile

  2. Matt

    Interesting concept, I’m a little confused though, are the ads the images that are warped to begin with, then you slide and the image unwarps and shows that its an ad?

    I couldn’t find a demo on the site, that would be helpful.
    Matt recently posted..Lacewood FurnitureMy Profile

  3. Harsha

    Dude what is the profit for them?
    Harsha recently posted..Xmas Games for the Gaming GuysMy Profile

  4. Abhijith N Arjunan

    Good Post Bro. Adding Captcha into our website can be also considered as a way to decrease the number of SPAMMERS across the world. It’s a new information that we can get profited through this integration. Hope you won’t mind elaborating how it can be profitable

  5. Larry

    Well written article! I never heard this kind of new innovative information in my life and its very useful for me. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  6. rakesh kumar

    Don’t You think pawan, this will dilute the google adsense CTR. I think only high traffic website can earn something from this new source, otherwise it will only discourage your readers. Waiting for your opinion.
    rakesh kumar recently posted..Is Good Domain Name Important For Your Business.My Profile

  7. jawad zaib

    adding captcha is good technique to block spammers but most users hate complicated captcha and they never touch it or even won’t like to come back to your site so we must keep it simple in order to get some decent traffic…
    jawad zaib recently posted..Byond B63 Jelly Bean Smartphone Launched in IndiaMy Profile

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