How Can You Make Money with Pinterest

There are tons of other ways for you to earn money online. The best known is by freelancing or working as a blogger; however, people also have more subversive ways of making money.

Making money as an entrepreneur requires a lot of effort and skill. Some people make money by investing in stocks. Others make money through marketing on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. But while with stocks, there is already an established industry around strategic planning – market analysis, specific predictions such as this deo stock forecast, and portfolio diversification – the affiliate marketing world is still relatively new. You can’t just go on Pinterest and expect to be rich via clout. There are certain precursors to making money off of these platforms.

Well, first of all, Pinterest is best for affiliate marketers. The network will serve mostly female audiences who are very much into shopping. They make money by posting or “pinning” items that would seem interesting to these women and those posts will be affiliated with another link. This is why there are a lot of items or pins on objects from It is actually 10 out of 10 that the Amazon link will be an affiliated one. And that is not all! There are various other ways (as entrepreneurs like Chance Welton might tell you) that you could use and get your affiliate business going!

Nonetheless, before you can start earning money with Pinterest, there are some things that you have to do.
Make Money with Pinterest

Cloak The Links:

If you are planning to Pinterest by posting affiliate links, you have to cloak it. There are services for this, Skimlinks, this scans the network for affiliate links then automatically change those links to their affiliate ID. It is best to custom your link with a short URL. It is not advisable to known services like or Tiny URL. Skimlinks will most probably have them in their database already. But the best cloaking service is said to be LinkTrackr. Not only will LinkTrackr let you monitor the clicks and the conversions. You’ll be able to custom a short URL that will be outside the Skimlinkss database.

Host Images On Your Server:

You have to host all the images you pin on your server. Pinterest links all the images back to the source. If you’re getting them straight from the Amazon, the person who clicks on the link will immediately be directed to the website. And of course, since you won’t be able to link an image with your ID, it will be best to send the user directly to where the host image and the post links are.


There are bots to monitor spamming, especially in the process of creating accounts and posting pins. Pinterest will get better at monitoring and detecting spam pins. Take your time in posting pins of stuff that you are interested in. link those pins with LinkTrackr and continue on building it up. And most probably, you’ll have gotten your own Pinterest page with tons of items with an affiliate link and you’ll make more money of it.

Don’t forget that this isn’t all about making money. You have to be responsible while doing this because if you don’t, you obviously won’t be making enough money. You have to be patient with this type of work, not everyone click on the links on website, so that may be the challenging part for you. The more people you get to click on the clicks, the better. Be creative and work your way in improving how to lure people in clicking your links.

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  1. Janmejaya

    Really valuable tips. Now this time to i know that i can earn through Pinterest. Thanks for sharing the great post.
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  2. Naveen

    These are some wonderful practical ways to create leads and make money by pInterest. Hope this trick will help me to get some ideas.

    Thanking you.
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  3. Nizam

    This seems to be really interesting, but it’s is not easy, one have to be patient with this type of work as you said . Thanks Pavan for this info 🙂
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  4. Vivek Nath.R

    This idea seems good, also pinterest drives traffic to my site.
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  5. Willams

    I want to join Pinterest but I’ve been on the waiting list for days already! How long does it take for the request to be approved?

    • Pavan Somu

      You can join Pinterest by having an invitation for an existed user. I will send you one. Happy Pinning 🙂

  6. Deo Guru Chaturvedi

    Nice tips but earning via your social account means you are selling trust of that account
    so i will not suggest to earn via your social accounts
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  7. umar satti

    Nice idea i was unaware of this as soon i am free ,i will start this

  8. Ray

    Really good tips, for earning.
    Will try your tips.
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  9. umashankar

    Awesome idea man. Will try it now.
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    • Pavan Somu

      Good luck Umashankar. You will surely have some benefit.

  10. Pravin

    I am using pinterest service to my site and found its very effective. Getting good traffic also. Mainly from image pins.
    Pravin recently posted..How to remove a tick ? Step by step tick removal tutorialMy Profile

    • Pavan Somu

      Recent days I am getting handsome traffic from Pinterest. It’s really working.

  11. Rohith VR

    yes. its a good idea to make money from pinterest. anyway thanks
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  12. Anuj Sharma

    This article made my start using Pinterest. thanks anyways
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  13. Ajay

    I used Pinterest just for fun or to checkout cool images. I wasn’t aware about these money making tricks. Will certainly give them a try. Thanks for sharing.
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    • Pavan Somu

      Generally everyone joins Pinterest for that purpose. By following these tips we can really get benefit from it.

  14. Anup @ MoneyMakingModes

    I header it’s easy to break down Pinterest algorithm. One spammer spammed Pinterest with thousands of account created with some kind of software.

    Definitely, Pinterest is some what we should consider about to get traffic and money.
    Anup @ MoneyMakingModes recently posted..How Darren Rowse Makes Money With ProBloggerMy Profile

  15. Mike

    great job.. which all affiliate services can we use?
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  16. Priya@itechdestiny

    Well, till now I used only FB, twitter, SU for sharing. But Pinterest not frequently. Surely will explore pinterest and also monetizing it to the optimum.
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  17. Nishant Srivastava

    Good Tips brother, I think we can earn online with any social sites, if we know how to utilize the resources.
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    Hm nice tips. Pinterest has revolutionized social media!
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    nice ideas….. But It takes time to make a good stand in pinterest
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  20. hira

    Hi Pavan Somu
    Well, making money with Pinterest is definetely possible but you should not expect to get rich with it. You can however add Pinterest to your existing streams of passive income. thank you for sharing this post with us
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  21. Bhupendra

    really appealing, but as said “Rome was not built in a day”.
    This also takes time and obviously hard work.
    Still worth appreciating.
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  22. dhaval

    Awesome Info thanks i didnt knew that we can make money from pininterest lol 😛
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    nice trick but it is same as marketing
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    Yes This Is Really A nice article that Helps us to earn via pininterest. Goin to try pininterest today. 😛
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  26. Jon Page Acabo

    Spamming? Is it legit? But I think this all will work. I’ll be trying these tips. Thanks for this!

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