Facebook Ready To Start Autoplay Video Ads On Users News Feed

Facebook has made a move towards the next level of sponsored post promotion by implementing the autoplay video ads on news feed. The Facebook team today posted a trailer for the Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. upcoming film ‘Divergent’.

Facebook Autoplay Video Ads

Surprisingly the autoplay video ads on news feed worked like a charm increasing 10% of the user engagement that includes likes, shares and views.

The autoplay video ads will play for a duration of 15sec without any sound. To view the entire video user should click or tap on the video ad. Then the video will play in full screen mode with the sound as well. After completion of the video a carousel of two videos from the same advertiser will be displayed.

The advertisers are eagerly waiting for this new feature to come live for boosting up their promotions.

Coming to the Facebook users end, the users are in dilemma whether Facebook is going to reduce the reach of posts on the pages as they did earlier with the launch of Sponsored Post.

However the Facebook users will be exited as usual at the beginning and they will get annoyed by this autoplay video ads feature as days pass by.

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  1. Mitch

    i would delete the Facebook app the day this goes live,
    what’s annoying with Facebook is that they never take into consideration, that most of their audience live in a third world country,
    the majority have slow internet and their traffic quota is limited, if this runs on my 3G it will kill off my internet in a day.
    also Facebook is loaded with bugs and errors and don’t perform well on slower connections!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
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  2. Muminur Rahman Munna

    Hi Pavan Somu!
    I really don’t like this type of ads. I think Facebook is becoming more and more greedy. They are forcing these to users which can’t be accepted.
    Muminur Rahman Munna recently posted..Giveaway: 30 ByteBX premium Coupon CodesMy Profile

  3. Shital Bhalani

    hi Pavan,

    We can use addblock for this isn’t it ? if this will start then then i will be shock because i use 3g internet and we all know 3G internet is so costly in India se i will like to use addblock plus if you have any other please suggests.

    Shital Bhalani recently posted..UPSC SCRA Admit Card 2013 at Profile

  4. Pravin

    I think this is a total waste of money. If you are not interested for the video then just ignore it. Don’t open or play it otherwise if you have money in your account then it will be reduced according to the plan.

  5. Tammie

    As a Facebook user, I’m not liking autoplay video on my timeline but as marketing director for a small flag manufacturer and retailer I welcome such technology. I just know how annoyed I get with autoplay when I am browsing at home I just wonder if it will help or hurt marketers and advertisers. You never want to annoy potential customers. .

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