Is Flash or HTML5 The Better Option For Online Poker

When Apple announced that it would not be adopting the Flash player developed by Adobe for their devices it caused a major disagreement between the two companies, and effectively ended their lengthy working partnership. At the time most tech commentators were baffled by Apple’s decision to opt for the HTML5 platform instead, and predicted that they would eventually lose out in the resulting Flash vs HTML5 campaign that followed. Time appears to have proven Apple correct though, as Adobe are now adapting the Flash player to work with HTML5 devices, rather than attempting to compete with it. Is HTML5 really the better option when it comes to playing games like poker?
Flash or HTML5
Simply put the answer is yes for a number of reasons. At the time that Apple declined to use Flash they identified problems with the technology when it comes to viewing video particularly. This makes the experience of playing online poker at an internet casino, like, or elsewhere significantly less effective than it would be using HTML5. Furthermore, due to the need for software downloads that are not required for HTML5, playing online poker using a device with Flash is likely to be a longer and much more frustrating experience. All that is required to be able to use HMTL5 is a decent internet browser, which anyone planning to play online poker will be bound to have.

In the coming years it is likely that HTML5 will be the dominant platform, with Adobe effectively having conceded that it provided the superior option, but at the moment many games (including online poker games) still require Flash. This is the only reason why someone looking to play poker online would look to use it. In the future, when they have the option, they are liable to use HTML5 for poker games.

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