Importance of Organic Traffic

If you’re goal is (I’m sure it is) to reach the maximum number of audience through your blog with organic traffic. And it won’t be surprising, if you’ve read all the traffic generation tactics to apply on your blog. But, did you notice? In the entire list of “types of web traffic” which by the way include organic traffic, social media, referral, paid search, advertising campaigns and much more, organic traffic is always given the utmost importance everywhere.

You see, even the most loyal reader of your blog sometimes can skip reading your articles, but the people who come from search engines land on your blog because they want to read your blog. I know, this sounds a little messy. Let me be clear. Why is it important to have the maximum percentage of organic traffic for your blog?
Organic Traffic
Wait. Let me to give you the list of main types of web traffic

  • Organic Traffic – People who come from search engines
  • Direct – Who directly visit your blog without any referrals. Most of them are your loyal followers.
  • Referral – When someone lands on your blog from another source. It can be via your guest posts or comments on other blogs, social media etc.

Quality Matters:

People who land on your blog pages via search engines give you the best quality results. They don’t either come to spam your blog or do something; they come because they want an explanation for their query. You can only rank on the top pages of Google if you’ve perfectly optimized unique content on your blog. So, the reader will obviously get satisfied with the content. Besides, you can also generate more traffic to your website by using Google ads and its special settings for observation and targeting. You can check out the criteria set for the observation vs targeting in google ads to reap its benefits.

Benefits of Organic Traffic:

Sell Products:

Suppose, if I am going to buy a premium plugin for my WordPress blog, just like you, I Google for the reviews and the functionality. When one of the blogs I’ve visited gives me the complete details of the product with a good review, I immediately buy it using the link on that blog. The same happens with most of the people online and this is how, you can also make more from your affiliates.

Earn More:

It is known that AdSense ads generate the best revenues if the blog gets more traffic from search engines. Because, they target niche keywords through which the visitors land on the blog and we know, such keywords pay much better. So, all you have to do is a powerful keyword research and write content with the target keyword.

Get Better Offers:

So, when you are getting huge organic traffic, it improves your Alexa rank and with efforts, your Google rank can also be easily improved. This means, your chances of getting the maximum exposure has just risen to sky. Such blogs get great advertising offers, sponsored posts and much more exciting stuff. Of course, you’ll go famous too.

Though, organic traffic is considered to be the best kind of traffic, it is still not so easy to rank top for each of your blog post. Build links, write the best content and optimize your blog, you can gradually see the change.

Hello Friends, This is Sai Kumar, Founder and CEO of Crunchyhub. I love writing on Blogging, Technology, Programming, Social Media and Make Money Online etc.

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  1. Amal Rafeeq

    Hey Pavan.
    Happy to read just another fantastic article from GeekAndBlogger.
    I really agree with you, bloggers have to give more priority to Organic Traffic.
    But these days all newbies are putting social networks on the first list. They are dramatically lazy to do SEO.
    Great Idea to share the importance of Organic Traffic. πŸ™‚
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..Top SEO Optimization Techniques to Rank 1st in GoogleMy Profile

  2. Robert James

    Great post…Organic traffic is the key!
    Robert James recently posted..10 Tips to Follow When You Start a BusinessMy Profile

  3. Dmitri

    Organic traffic is important, but you should not focus only on Google only. Forum ads and blog posting can give great results. Sure, it depends on your website niche.

  4. Painters Melbourne

    Its a Great Post. Organic SEO or Back Links are more important than Others. There are lot of processes done in Organic SEO for Link building and Generating Traffic to the website. Informative and very useful post.

  5. Agrodut Mandal

    The first way to optimize the website traffic of your site is through making links with social media sites. This would be beneficial for sharing and in this way you could be able to launch a marketing campaign for free. Some of the reliable social sites are face book, twitter, you tube and my space.

  6. Salman Ahmad

    Yep Surely,
    as Good content is known as Quality Content,Same as Orqanic traffic is know as quality traffic.
    Salman Ahmad recently posted..10 Top Paid Best Sports Games For AndroidMy Profile

  7. Utkarsh Bhatt

    Organic traffic is the blog’s food. If the blog doesn’t get it, it dies. Selling products seems unnecessary when you don’t have any traffic. That’s is my opinion.
    Utkarsh Bhatt recently posted..Don’t watch these 5 Videos if you are scared of HeightsMy Profile

  8. Paul

    organic traffic is essential for the website or blog survival , and of course it means much cheaper advertising instead of paying large amounts on paid ads ,and even if you use some google ads your positioning is always measured through organic traffic

  9. Ajay

    The search engine traffic is the only quality traffic that gauntness the sale of the product. The visitors enters the site with an intention to buy the product. Thus, the more organic traffic we get, the more income it drives.
    Ajay recently posted..Top 5 Best Free WordPress Hosting Service ProvidersMy Profile

  10. Lily

    This is an awesome post. I find it really informative and interesting. I find it helpful as well. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  11. PrIyAnGsHu

    Organic traffic is the key to make a blog successful. We can make more money with organic traffic, as most of the organic visitors are interested in the kind of articles you are publishing on your site.
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..Top 10 Business Entrepreneurs from IndiaMy Profile

  12. Faisal

    Nice tips, thanks for sharing them.
    Faisal recently posted..Ferrari LaFerrariMy Profile

  13. Smartkathy

    Hi there. Organic traffic are the best and quality traffic for your website. Organic traffics come from search engine by searching anything. But now Google wants natural link building. SO i think for that referral traffic will come more to your website. Can you please tell me how to increase organic traffic then?

  14. vicky


    You have explained the benefits of organic traffic so well. Undoubtedly, organic traffic is the best as readers come with the sole intention of gaining knowledge and buying something. I will work harder to optimize my site for keywords and pay heed to content also. Nice post.
    vicky recently posted..Hostgator Hosting Review And Flat 35% Off Hostgator CouponMy Profile

  15. Akshay

    Organic Traffic is the best traffic for our website. And this plays a major role in the Adsense also.
    Akshay recently posted..Which Is The Best Website For Online Shopping In India and Why ?My Profile

  16. Contract Management System

    Organic traffic is the key to make a blog successful. We can make more money with organic traffic, as most of the organic visitors are interested in the kind of articles you are publishing on your site.
    Contract Management System recently posted..BenefitsMy Profile

  17. Residual Income

    Hi Pavan,
    I just love organic traffic from search engines. I think it’s the most targeted traffic you can get. Although it does take some time to start ranking for keywords in search results it’s totally worth the time you spend on optimizing your site and building backlinks to it.
    I’m more into on-page SEO than building lots of backlinks to my site. I think Google looks for relevancy a lot when it ranks web pages for specific keywords or keyphrases.
    Awesome post Pavan, really enjoyed reading it.

    Have a great day.Cheers.

  18. jawad zaib

    organic traffic is great for one’s site especially newbies must concentrate on this if they want to apply for Google Adsense, because if they don’t have organic traffic they won’t get approval…

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