Reasons to consider why Negative Comments are essential for Development of a Blog

Every blogger does like to get bulk of comment to their blog posts. As everyone knows comments will sure have an affect on an every author to develop his positive attitude and a good relation with the commentator. Comments also have the power of driving rapid traffic from all over the world. Recently we have achieved PR1 within a short period and I thank the every commentator for being a part of the progress. But there are some turns where you could face negative comments on you posts. What will you do then? Here are the tips to overcome such situations.

You may be Mistaken:

As a blogger you go-on on you way in a concentrated manner while you are making a post. There may be any mistakes or misplace of words which will completely makes your ideas 180 degrees. If you have habit of double cross checking your post before publishing andΒ you are sure to publish your post there will be no problem. Otherwise the negative comment will makes you to realize the mistake you have done!

Sharpens Your Mind:

When someone drops a negative comment, don’t think that they are jealous about you. Think for a while about what they have said directly to you. You are sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world, in return you will get the feedback in the form of comments. So don’t feel shy or anger on the commentator. Be ready to face the comments. Then you may discover any new methods or ideas which will sharps your mind.

Handling Negative Comments:

What will you do if you get an negative comments

  • Ignore/delete the comment?
  • Negative responding to the comment?
  • These two options are not at all good way to respond at your commentator. If you simply ignore the comment it will be a big mistake done by you as you won’t make any further research about it. Coming to the next point if you negatively respond to their comment, you will surely lose your impressions with the other bloggers. Comments are public and you can’t hide anything. So finally what I like to say was humbly respond to your commentators and explain him clearly and thank him for his comment on your blog. In addition for better readers relationship you can use Thank Me Laterwordpress plugin to automatically greet them when they leave a comment on your blog post.

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    1. Ankit

      Congrats for getting Adsense approved bro, but one suggestion.. The theme you are using can be easily modified to make Adsense friendly, if you want to earn more try to match the color of ads with the theme, use a links ads below the header not on the footer, and add a small widget in sidebar just like it did. πŸ™‚
      .-= Ankit´s last blog ..High alert for increasing Cyber Attacks! =-.

      • NavaPavan

        I got my Adsense aproved long ago around Nov 2009. Thanks for the suggestion. I will check the as placements and colors.

    2. George Serradinho

      One needs to take the good with the bad, always listen and find a solution if need be.

      I remember reading about a post where the title stated ‘…. plugin – is it a scam or not?’ The post got many comments and it was a hot topic. The plugin author also left replies, but they were not good at all. He sort of cursed many users and did listen to what others were saying.
      .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..One Killer SEO Tip:But The Question Is, Is It Ethical? =-.

      • NavaPavan

        @George Serradinho
        You are right. One should think about it.

    3. abhi

      Well I think every little bit helps. We have to learn from it.

    4. Netchunks

      Yes mate, you are right about how to handle negative comments, it is also a part of the learning process of blogging. We should be humble with anyone who leaves a negative comment too πŸ™‚
      .-= Netchunks´s last blog ..10 Viable Alternatives to PayPal =-.

    5. Mad Geek @beingPC

      “This post is just a CRAP, are you out of your mind, if you start posting negative comment than it will be a disaster.”

      Just kidding – Nice post
      .-= Mad Geek @beingPC´s last blog ..Hide Taskbar with a click in Windows 7 =-.

    6. siddharth

      “OMG I don’t believe it
      Great info
      Nice info ”

      What about such spam ??

    7. Suhasini

      Well that is right but you will find many fellow bloggers who keep on giving negative comments on every post and I do not think that leaves a very good impression about your blog.

      • NavaPavan

        Good point Suhasini, but every time if he do like that he too will lose reputation among other bloggers.

    8. NavaPavan

      You can simply trash it πŸ™‚

    9. TechChunks

      Accepting constructive criticism with a positive spirit is an art and once you master it, success will only be a few steps away!
      .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..Top 5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Headlines =-.

    10. Cameron Chardukian

      This post reminded me of something Eric Thomas, one of my favorite motivational speakers once said. “Everyone wants to shine like a diamond, but ain’t nobody wanna get cut.”

      You can’t become a great blogger through only positive feedback. Embrace constructive criticism, and use it to become the best you can possibly be!
      Cameron Chardukian recently posted..Walnut Grove by Cam ChardukianMy Profile

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