Is It Necessary To Update The Blog Frequently

Websites are a necessity for any business. Regardless of their size, there should be some sort of web presence for all business. Web technology changes at a rapid rate, and even those who have been online for a long time need to stay abreast of changing habits of consumers and browsers of the Internet. The new technology from mobile phones makes the way the consumer sees your website entirely different than the way they see it from a desktop computer. While a desktop display may provide a panoramic view of your categories and featured items, a cellphone will only show a scrolling bar of menu items that must be clicked on in order to open the page.
If your website is not optimized for mobile shopping, those who come to your site from their cell phones will not be able to see your shop. It is always a good idea to freshen up your website on a regular basis to keep information current and make it more Google-friendly. Some businesses make it a practice to replace banners and headers as major holidays approach. This gives the site a current look to it. Some sites try to revise or revamp categories or landing pages annually. It is also common for sites to overhaul their websites every four or five years by hiring website development companies. The makeover is a particularly good idea if you are changing web hosts or website companies. This also works well with the change of a merchant account. The most popular reason to update a business website is the rollout of a new product line.

No matter the reasons, the idea of a fresh website is a great way to generate enthusiasm. The new website is exciting to you, so you are more interested in getting it right. If you have been looking at the same site for four or five years, you may have lost your passion for it. With a complete makeover, be it with the website typography, design, or content, you have reasons to write press releases and hold giveaway events for your email subscribers. If all you have been doing is going into the backend and adding or adjusting products, you may have lost track of how long it has been since the site was changed.

If you do not have time to do a makeover yourself, you may consider hiring to help you with making changes to your site. A new site gives you a fresh perspective on your business.

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  1. Atul Kumar Pandey

    I personally blogging from last one year and as per my experience updating post at a fixed time is worth it. As I like to post on bi-day basis. Thanks for the nice post.
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted..Top 5 WordPress Speed Optimization Tips and TricksMy Profile

  2. Shiv Sharma

    Hi Pavan, I do agree that regular updation of the site is very important as visitor come on site to see a post.. They cannot read the same post every time.
    Shiv Sharma recently posted..How will the cameras of Smartphones in 2014My Profile

  3. Eric Strubert

    Yes Pavan, I also think it’s very important to update a website regularly, at least once a week. People want to read and watch fresh content otherwise they will lose interest and thats bad news for an online business, because losing traffic means losing money.
    Eric Strubert recently posted..How To Clear Temporary Internet FilesMy Profile

  4. Ahsan

    Hello Pavan Somu,

    I think if we don’t update our blog regularly, we’ll loss visitors. Without visitor, there will be no income. Generally a bloggers view to earn from blogging. So it is best idea to update site frequently
    Ahsan recently posted..Google Trend History of 2013My Profile

  5. James Frost

    If you want to keep yourself with others in this era of online blogging networks you have to work hard and keep your site up to date to attract viewers. If you are not able to do that than your work,sweat and everything you have done in the past will be nothing but waste of your precious time.The blog will help the bloggers a lot and it will make them to think.
    James Frost recently posted..Android newbie: what does unlock the bootloader?My Profile

  6. Anurag Kumar

    I agree to your points it gets boring and dull if we are seeing the same look over and over again. Changes are one of the necessary part of life. Changes bring enthusiasm and a new life in our website.
    Thanks for sharing you knowledge
    Anurag Kumar recently Nikon digital cameras in indiaMy Profile

  7. akhtar


    I agree with the fact that you have to update your blog regurarly to attract traffic becuase now a days many of them are using their mobiles to access internet so it is very much usefull if you keep you website currently updated so that you create a enthusiasm in your readers

  8. Samer

    I personally do not update or post regularly but try to make some unique content after checking the keyword on Google, content with less amount of readers will be better than the volume in the area of general keyword or post where the competition is very high.
    Samer recently posted..10 FREE Android / iOS Cross Platform Multi Player Mobile GamesMy Profile

  9. Salvador

    I supose it depends how serioyusly you are taking the fact of having a blog. For me is not to make money but to share my photographic vision. I suppose that is why I am not under so much pressure to update all the time.

  10. Sagar

    Hi Pavan
    Nice and informative posts.
    Updating of the blog is surely important as blog is meant for people to read articles and gain information regardless depending upon the type of blog. It also gives you a presence on internet. It doesn’t mean that filling your blog up with some thing useless. It does no good and inwards it can harm your traffic rate. You should always post something important and useful to readers.

    In this case of updation the change in look of the webpage can also be done. It appears as a new site and the number of visitors will be more and also we will be more interested to work on.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..How to Overcome Fear of MeetingsMy Profile

  11. Mitch @ Loading Agency

    It is necessary To update The Blog frequently for SEO purposes, we all know search-engines love fresh content, and rank websites higher is they’re regularly updated, but i wonder what happens if you update old blog posts, or old website sections that are already ranking high, with fresh keywords and new content,
    would it get a nice seo juice ? or will get penalized ?? any ideas ?
    anyone tried that ?
    Many thanks and Best wishes!
    Mitch @ Loading Agency recently posted..Free CV Builder, Free Resume Builder, cv templatesMy Profile

  12. Adeel Ayub

    Nice Post Pavan! I agree with you that If our website is not optimized for mobile shopping, those who come to your site from their cellphones will not be able to see as now the major web traffic is coming from smartphones and tablets. So You must have to keep your website up to date.
    Adeel Ayub recently posted..Reasons Why Hollywood Can’t Kill ‘The Netflix For Pirated MoviesMy Profile

  13. Kamlesh

    Even I also agree with the points that you have mentioned and if you want to be in the bloggers list and want to show people that you are active blogger then yes you must have to update your blog frequently. If you are not updating frequently the keep doing social media promotion regularly like tweeting old post sharing post to the groups would help you a lot..
    Kamlesh recently posted..WordPress Security Tips To Protect And Repair Your WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  14. Rajesh Singh

    Updating your blog is the least you can do to get people coming to your site. Some design changes every now and then will also help keeping interested in your blog.
    Rajesh Singh recently posted..EE’s Kestrel smartphone with LTE support now available at the cheap price of £99My Profile

  15. Sagar

    Nice and informative post

    Online business is buzzing around in the market for quiet some time. As the result the competition is also high. So stay up in the competition updating or makeover of the website is a very good idea. But one thing should be taken care of is that any change done should be better than the present one.

    Many people or bloggers in order to change or a makeover loose their web quality. A total makeover is not possible regularly,it can be done in some years gap. But updating of the blog with fresh content can be done regularly. There is no specific time period for regular blogging. I mainly check for the quality of the content. Not posting anything is better than posting an non-informative article. But keeping updated with content to our site gives a fresh presence to our website .

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..How to Stop Wasting too much time on Social Media: Save TimeMy Profile

  16. Bhavesh Patel

    Hi Pavan,

    I completely agree with all your points. We have update our blog on daily basis so that a regular reader get attached with us and share their need and what they need. Have a great weekend mate and thanks for sharing.

    Bhavesh Patel

  17. Rudd

    The frequency of updating your blog, in my opinion, is really depends on what niche your website is. I found that people who frequently update their blog usually write a short to moderate length while people who update 1 – 2 times per week tend to write longer article. Some examples of this type of blog is Smart Passive Income blog and Matthew Woodward
    Rudd recently posted..How to Allow Users to Upload Avatar From Profile PageMy Profile

  18. trailerco

    I really appreciate your work. This post is really handy and useful, I am sure people will get help from this. And thanks for sharing.

  19. Dhananaji

    Thanks for the article. I believe that irrespective of the industry, blog should be updated on a frequent basis. This will have positive effects traffic, new people coming onboard, sharing knowledge about the industry.

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