Playing Free Casino Games Online

If you compare the games you can find in a real money online casino and the ones available for free play online, you will see some differences between them: the ones developed by third parties tend to be more predictable, have a lower quality and give less of a ‘casino’ feeling than the ones developed by professional providers of casino software. No wonder the online casino games used by real money operators have to be of impeccable quality and must have a certified random number generator behind them to assure online casino fairness.

The only major problem with real money casino games is that, well, you have to pay real money to be able to play them. Unless you can find mobile casinos with free signup bonuses or free spin promotions, you’ll be paying to play every time. Casino games are fun, but maybe not so much when money is tight. But when there is no cash crunch, you would find a host of casino options that might be really tempting!

For instance, you can find countless casinos where you can cash out your winnings quickly without having to wait for days in vain (check out Andrew Stone’s tweet to find a few). However, this is not just the only option! Besides this, there are many others where you can sign up and get bonuses every time so that you keep playing with those bonuses.

Even if you can’t, you can definitely explore some new ones such as a bitcoin casinos free spins upon sign-up. But, there would eventually be a point where there aren’t any bonuses left.

Well, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some software developers and casino operators like to attract players (note that I didn’t say ‘customers’) to their website by offering them the chance to play real money casino games free, in ‘demo’ or ‘fun’ mode. Take, the case of OXI Casino which can do the same and allow individuals to play online roulette Australia for free at times.

However, this changes from operator to operator, or even from casino to casino. For example, two casinos operated by the same company – say, Euro Palace and Royal Vegas, both operated by the Fortune Lounge group – have a completely different policy when it comes to ‘demo’ mode casino games.

Euro Palace is a rather new online casino. It lists all its games on its website, sorted by their popularity and type, and players can choose to play any of them in a browser window. I didn’t do any counting, but there are over 100 casino games available for free play at this online casino.

Royal Vegas in turn is more restrictive when it comes to games. The list of the Royal Vegas free online casino games is rather short – it features just a few, older slots (for example) on a page that most customers don’t even visit. It is obvious that the Royal Vegas doesn’t focus so much on attracting new players with its free games offer, but instead keeps its existing customers with their loyalty programs and promotions.

Both casinos use Microgaming’s online casino software, available for desktop, browser and mobile use. One of them – the Euro Palace – has lots of free games, including the latest Microgaming slot machines, listed on its first page, but the welcome bonus offered is lower. The other – the Royal Vegas – is much older, and has a much smaller number of free casino games listed on its website – it rewards its new players with higher bonuses, though. Both of them are worth a visit – you can decide which one is the most suitable for your online gambling needs…

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