How To Use Quora To Help Grow Your Online Business

Starting or growing a small business from the ground is no easy task primarily because there are so many things to consider. You would need to be exceptional at multitasking and should not be overwhelmed when things get out of your hand. Plus, you need to have the patience to suffer from repeated failures and still make amends to be successful. For instance, if you want to become an e-commerce business, there is a lot you have to take into account that you may have not thought of before, e.g. packaging. Because of the need for sustainability in this modern age, businesses that jump onto sustainable packaging trends can find it better for their business and please their customers too, especially as being environmentally conscious is highly important. However, there is a lot of trial and error that goes into this, so being careful and taking it slowly is essential.

Yes, this might sound a bit weird but small business is all about having the patience to see it grow and adapt. There are numerous operations that you might have to handle alone. But the burden of those operations can be shared. For instance, if you face a problem with bookkeeping, then you can decide to hire experts who offer accounting services for ecommerce sellers. Likewise, if you are experiencing an issue with learning about the market and the clients, then you could take external help from experts.

Talking about market research, keep in mind that it is one of the first things you need to do for starting any enterprise. So, taking help is necessary. However, if you are adamant about doing it all by yourself, then online resources such as Quora can be of great help.

As you might already know, you also need sme loan and other infrastructure to start any business. But, let us first dive into the research analysis first. Quora is a website that allows users to post questions and answers on a variety of topics. It might not seem like a great place for marketing, but many people have successfully used Quora to grow their businesses. Quora users frown on direct advertising. This can result in a ban, or you might be considered a spam user that no one trusts. You need to approach this website subtly, but you can still use it to market your business with the right tactics.

Build a Brand

This works best with personal brands, but it can also work for a business brand. Quora gives you the opportunity to show everything you know about your topic. If people see you answer many questions about Internet marketing, then they are going to consider you an expert in the field. People trust experts, and building a brand based on knowledge can be very potent.

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The best way to do this is to put some personality into your writing. People will gravitate to your personality, and this will lift you above the thousands of other members that are also trying to market their business.

Quora To Help Grow Your Brand

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You should pick a niche before starting this. Make sure you post frequently in this niche, and try to help as many people as possible. While dividing your attention among many different topics can be useful, you will be better off using your time with just one niche. This will get you recognized in that niche, and it lets you focus your energy on certain questions.

Link to Relevant Content

If you are like most online businesses, then you have a blog attached to your business website. Quora allows you to link to content, but there is a catch. Any websites you link to must be relevant. If you link to your business and the content is irrelevant to the question, then you might get banned.

You should take stock of all the content on your blog before linking to your website. Make a list of all the blog posts you have in a separate text document. You should then look for questions that are relevant to your blog post. For example, if you wrote a blog post about the 10 best ways to build links, then find questions about link building and general SEO. Linking to your blog post will be relevant. This will also improve your business by bringing in more traffic.

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Social Media

Social networks have been useful for years, and you can build your social presence with Quora. There are two ways of doing this. The first way is to share your content with Facebook and Twitter. Quora is made to easily work with these social networks, and you can quickly share your answers with your followers. Find a common question and provide a very detailed answer that really shows your expertise. If you share this post on your social networks, then people will see just how much you know about the subject.

Quora To Help Grow Your Social Media Advertising

The second thing you can do is make posts that other people will want to share. Many users will share interesting questions and answers, and this can improve your SEO and visibility. People tend to trust their friends, and they will trust you if a friend links to your answer. Trust is very important when growing a business, and it’s easy to get it when you combine Quora and social media.

Optimized Posts

This is the last way to build your business with Quora, and it tends to be the least effective method. At the same time, many people have gotten leads with this method. You should optimize all of your posts with the keywords that you are targeting. Many businesses use this method across different platforms to expand their reach. It is a common scorpion law firm marketing strategy and similar agencies use this tactic and many more to get ahead in the game. After all, businesses have to do whatever it takes to grow, or they perish.

Coming back to Quora specifically, while it doesn’t happen too often, some of the Quora questions and answers do appear on the top of Google. If someone is looking for a business, then they might find you through Quora. Optimizing your posts will also make it easier for Quora users to find your questions and answers when they use the Quora search engine.


Quora may not seem like the best place to build your business, but it can be very effective if you approach it the right way. Just be subtle, and you should have no problem getting more website traffic.

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  1. sandeep kumar

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  2. Travis Brown

    I like this approach to Q&A sites. Quora is so much higher quality than Yahoo! Answers, and the people, to me, are a lot more helpful. Building out a brand using Q&A is interesting to me because it makes you an authority in a “hey, I’m trying to help you for no cost” kind of way. I like that. It’s like being the best neighbor that you can be. It almost feels completely altruistic which is neat coming from the web.

    This might be a backdoor to a few more sales each month. Thanks for the post and insight, Jay.
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  3. Sara

    Online marketing does not need any specific medium. You can use any website or any page that may allow you to post a link or any business information. Quora I bet is good, and I will visit it to see what it has in store for my little business 🙂



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