Best Security Applications for Android

Everyday the internet and news is filled with security issues concerning Android. Malicious applications in the Play Market and mobile malware is something very small, as time ages hackers get more determined and knowledgeable in breaking the genuine codes of security. You could secure your Android internally by auto-locking your Android and protecting it with a password or pattern.

Taking measures such as auto-lock will protect your phone from being physically accessible but that’s not where security ends. Your Android can be internally accessed by malware and phishing and there are many third party applications that will help you secure your Android smart-phone and tablet.

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Lookout Mobile Security:

Best Security Applications for Android
Lookout Security & Anti-virus is Android’s top application, having more than 10 million downloads. This application blocks malware, spyware and Trojans by constantly scanning your phone daily or weekly, according to your preference. This application comes with more features such as checking the location of your phone with the help of Google Maps. Although this application is free of cost you can purchase phishing protection with only $2.99 a month.

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After Lookout comes Avast!Security application. This application is one of the best security applications available on the Play Market. Avast! helps scan your phone whenever you want or on schedule. It checks your application and your SD card also whenever you download an application the application scans it to make sure it has no possible malware.
Best Security Applications for Android
Along with the application come many different features. The task feature helps close your running applications increasing your phone’s efficiency hence making it faster. Apart from this the application also has a Firewall feature and an Anti-Theft feature that helps you locate your phone in case it’s stolen and also lock, wipe and display a custom message on your own preference.

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AVG Mobilation:

Best Security Applications for Android
Another application is AVG Antivirus. This scans applications and settings and also helps your phone safeguard itself from phishing hits and malware websites. Along with this application you can features such as anti-theft and task-killer helping you increases your phones security and efficiency.

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Best Security Applications for Android
After this comes the TrustGo Antivirus application for Android. It has same features as those of AVG and Avast! As it schedules scans and checks your SD card, phone’s settings and files to ensure your phones security. This application comes with an extra feature known as “Secured App Finder” this scans the Play Market and gives you a list of applications that are safe for you.

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McAfee Mobile Security:

Best Security Applications for Android
McAfee Mobile Security is a prime application for all Android users. With only $29.99 a year you can scan your smart-phone and also block any malicious websites. This application gives you the ease of backup and restore unlike other application and so you don’t have to worry about your applications suffering from any malware or spyware. Apart from this the application also goes through websites and gives you the freedom of filtering unwanted calls and texts from external users.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security:

Best Security Applications for Android
Kaspersky Mobile Security is an application that provides optimal anti-theft security. In case your phone gets stolen or lost you will have the freedom to wipe or lock your smart-phone even if the SIM card has been destroyed or removed.
Just like McAfee this application also lets you block unwanted calls and texts and initiates a feature that lets you store and hide specific content such as calls and texts.

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Apart from this there are many other applications that will help secure your Android phone. Trend Micro Mobile Security Personal Edition, ESET Mobile Security, LastPass Password Manager and SplashID Safe for Android are applications that would keep your Android phone top-notch, both in case of efficiency and security.

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  1. Nishant Srivastava

    Awesome List Pawan
    I am not an android user now, But I am going to Buy android Device soon..
    Thanks for these App Details.
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  2. Pavan

    Good list mate.
    I have been using Avast and that is doing quite enough for me.
    Pavan recently posted..ICS update for HTC Incredible S rolled out in IndiaMy Profile

  3. Nizam

    Really informative and useful list of security applications. Well, auto-lock is a goad option and installing any of these security apps will provide more additional security.
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  4. Siddharth

    Thanks Best Security Applications for Android Your word-press them is awesome.

  5. PC

    Thanks for the list! I’ve just purchased a phone that’s using Android, so I need a security system after hearing some of the dangers without them!

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  6. mithun

    I am using Kaspersky in my android phone.. Its working good..

  7. Tanmay Sawant

    Hey I’ve been using Android since two years bro.And to tell you i never installed these Security apps.Actually never did the need arise coz My Galaxy S1 and now Galaxy S3 never got affected with virus.But yes I’ve heard Lookout is the best .No doubt 🙂
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  8. Jenni@joomla themes

    Really an useful article , all security apps seems to be great and i am using Kaspersky, its really great.

  9. Bhupender

    Thanks! Its Best Android article , I interested

  10. Rabia Akram

    I think Avast is best as it offers an impressive range of has anti virus protection as well as web shield that scans URLs for malware is outstanding.
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