Top 10 Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 4S

Jailbreak apps for iPhone 4S are now giving you all the opportunities that you can unleash with all the better things. All these you can have along with your Smartphone. This article will give you knowledge about the whole concept so that you can deliver a lot with whatever you are getting from a single device. The iPhone has become an immensely popular gadget since its arrival on the market a few years ago. It is a revolutionary gadget, with so many exciting features that the users almost get addicted to it.

However, the device has a practical disadvantage. Being a full touch screen device, the users have to exercise their fingers and hand while using it. After using it for a long time at a stretch, users complain of pain in their hands and numbness in their fingers. This is also known as the smartphone finger disease. Doctors say that such continuous strain can, in the present, lead to inflammation in the hand to combat which, anti inflammatory vitamins might be required. As for the long time effects, continuous use of this device can lead to arthritis disease in the future. This is a tricky situation for the users as they are worried about their health but simply cannot stay away from their iPhones, especially when they are about to get the Jailbreak apps.

The apps that you will be getting are:
Cydia is offering you all the daring apps that you can actually think of while you are looking for some best jailbreak apps that are present in the Smartphone.

1. SBSettings:

With the most easy and commonly used iOS settings, SBSettings can give you a blush but can take a while to deliver the best. This acts as a mini doc and it will be an indispensible facet. This is the setting which is actually making it easiest to get new alters from Apple with a perfect infrastructure. With the top screen, it can control all the cellular data. Irrespective of having the multiple features it is managing well all the Apple features and the easy compatibility that will make it happen for all those who are looking for a clean and simple look.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

2. MyWi:

It is a little expensive and it offers to join your iPhone or iPad via USB cable for accessing the internet and it can be even set up as a mobile WiFi router. It is having a fantastic battery life which impresses everyone. WiFi router is the best selection for this app and it will cost you $19.99.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

3. iFile:

It has a built-in web server and allows you to attach files to emails, bookmark folders, compress zip packages, view different types of files, and navigate around within the closed architecture. This is a free app and it allows the app to host from your iPhone. It is exactly acts as a finder for the iPhone.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

4. Lockinfo:

This is exactly like the IntelliscreenX and it will give you access to the lockscreen, SMS messages, calendar events and loads more functionalities. It is actually operating as a springboard and it is giving you all iOS experience with a dashboard. There are variety of themes and plugins which are allowing you to explore the best in it.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

5. Barrel:

This is a Cydia tweak which is offering the home screen transitions between the pages with iOS animates. It is offering you attractive images and changeovers. This is giving you something similar to the Quicksilver themes and Compiz on Linux. It is updating the ideas to make it more and more accurate over it.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

6. Springtomize:

This acts like a functionality bank. IPhone or iPad iOS 5 version and will show perfect animations with the dock works. It is actually a surprising one and it is giving you all that you can get as multitasking in a perfect way. All that you can get is varieties with the icons and the displays. This is coming within an affordable range of $2.99. The sequel is providing a new look and it is also giving you the best that you can handle in all the aspects that you will be looking in it.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

7. Dreamboard:

This is actually adding the looks for the Jailbreaks and changing the default look of the iOS’s default. This can be seen with the actions that are with the impressive transformation and the OS X Ultimatum. This is a free app and if you are having something for the jail broken device then you will be getting it. It will make it look like a Windows 7 and even a Honeycomb tablet. The Dreambaord is considered as an ideal one to go for it.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

8. OS X Ultimatum – Free:

It has the customizable lock screen, dashboard, mission control, draggable windows, a scrollable dock, launchpad, stacks and many more. It is actually making it as an OS X and ever since it is giving you the best in it. This is a Cult of Mac lover and proven to be the ideal replica.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

9. BiteSMS:

It is having Signatures, Templates, Easy Pick Smileys, Contact Pics, Delivery Reports, Privacy, Passcode Lock, Auto-Retry, Auto-Forward, Scheduled Messages, Quick Compose and Quick Reply. BiteSMS can also be used here. This is a free app and it is saving a lot on doing your sms and also helping you to get variety of functionality at the same time.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

10. IntelliscreenX:

You will be getting, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, email, calendar and many more after unlocking the whole phone. Here you can see everything on your phone without even opening the lock and that is cool enough to get a perfect look. This is helping you with all the flexible ideas that you can get for a Jailbroken. This piece is highly recommended and it is even giving you the best that you can get it for yourself. It is actually giving you all the updated information that is required for the notifications. This will keep it advanced and well modified from every angle.
Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

If you are in search of more details then the web world can provide a lot of information that makes you understand which of the Top Jailbreak apps for iPhone 4S is best for you.

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