Why Android Is Still The Best

There is a reason as to why android is listed as the best selling Smartphone platform in many authoritative websites around the world. If you are still among the few that have not yet made a switch, it is time that you joined the millions of people that enjoy the advantages that this operating system offers. If you need reasons to make the switch, then the following advantages that come with the use of an android Smartphone should be enough to convince you that you are missing a lot.

Why Android Is Still The Best

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Android Market:

Despite it being a relatively new application market, android market is the fastest growing market in the world. You can get almost any software you wish for in the android market. The ready availability of software to run on your android phone means that your phone will have more functionality and thus making it convenient to use. What makes this even better is the fact that anyone can place any application or program they create into the market. This includes even you. This is because of the fact that android is basically an open source software. It makes customizing your phone easier, and thus guaranteeing you the best experience that any phone can give.

Android Market


Android offers the best in terms of end-user experience mainly because of the extent that one can customize his phone or device. The secret to its ability to be customized lies in the fact that it is an open source software. This means that anybody with programming skills can create applications for his or her device. This creates a limitless field for customization in terms of color, design, functionality and general appearance of your phone or tablet. This makes it almost impossible for you to miss what really works for you.

Android Customization


Rooting further expands the scope of functionality of your phone and boosts its performance multiple times over. Rooting makes it possible for you to change system files in your device and thus enabling you to further customize it for a better experience. Through this process, you will be able to install a customized and altered android operating system and thus enabling you to unleash the full benefits of your device. You can then not only increase its speed and functionality, but also change the inbuilt color schemes and general appearance of your phone. In case you are a developer or you have one helping you out, it allows you to do almost anything with your android phone.

The only downside to rooting is the fact that it is against the terms of warranty.  However, considering the things that it can make possible with your phone, it is worth the risk.

Android Rooting

The Android Community:

This is one of the major reasons as to why choosing an android device is the best decision you will ever make. This is because the large android community provides you with the necessary help and support to help you get the best out of your device. The countless forums, blogs, websites and guides written by experts will go a long way in boosting your experience as a user.

Android Community

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    Well android is an open source O.S and we can get android on so many people and also on cheap or affordable mobiles. It has lot of amazing apps.. Thats why android is best.

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