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10 Must Have Firefox Add-ons

Firefox add-ons (popularly called as plugins or extensions) are tiny programs that are developed for Mozilla Firefox browser that adds more functionality and allows total customization of Firefox browser. As Firefox is an open-source

4 Simple Ways To Change the Text Case

Capitalization of letters is one of the most important parameter in English Grammar. It is so obvious that the first word of a sentence and all proper nouns are always capitalized. Many times people

Free Online Translation Tools

Technology is growing faster and faster and the resources too growing rapidly. There was trillions and trillions of data around the web which can’t be grabbed by normal people. Even though he gets the

Top Google PR Sites Over The Web World

As the awaiting Google PR was updated on this April month and every blog was blessed by Google PR and we got PR1 with 1st update since my blog started. Here I like to share

Firefox Fixed 111 issues with the next version Firefox 3.6.2

Today while am browsing net, gradually my net speed is going down and I didn’t understood what happened. While checking the browser options I came to know that Firefox had released an update with

Create PDF File from Webpage and Read Offline

There are several sites which allows you to take a capture of webpage and save them as image format and pdf format. Today morning while digging net I came across a good site which