10 Best SEO Practices to Follow – Make Search Engines Love Your Site

The new era of SEO has begun. We have done enough of keyword spamming, and black hat practices. It’s time to change the SEO practices and strategies. When we talk about SEO and search engines, we always mention Google as the only source of getting huge traffic benefits. Though there are many other search engines out there, nothing can beat the Internet authority of Google search engine. We have to make a habit of searching for things where we lost them.

If your site is penalized by panda, penguin, or EMD, it’s not the mistake of the Google algorithm. You have to optimize your site in such a way that Google shouldn’t dare to touch your pages. You can either choose to learn to do it yourself, or look for a reputable firm that offers Internet marketing service in Houston, TX (or elsewhere) who has the required expertise to help you rank higher.

If you choose to undertake this project yourself, you can check out a few best SEO practices you should follow these days.

10 Best SEO Practices to Follow:

If your blog/website is looking for a long-term relationship with Google, you have to regularly conduct SEO analysis for your websites. You can do this yourself if you have in-depth knowledge and the right tools at your disposal. However, if you do not, then you can seek the help of professionals at in this regard. But why do you need to do this? You might be asking this yourself! This will help you to optimize the SEO structure of your site. This, in turn, can help you to ensure you have a great ranking on Google. Those who are interested to analyze and thereby optimize their websites themselves without external help can check out the 10 best SEO practices to follow so that they can increase their rankings in Google.

1) Submit Your XML Sitemap:

Submitting an XML sitemap to Google webmaster is the most important SEO practice you need to follow. You have to create an XML sitemap using Google XML Sitemaps plugin and submit to Google webmasters.

2) Building Links:

Though building links sounds very simple, still a very important task to follow. If your site has a good backlink source, obviously they will rank up in Google. Even domain authority and page authority fall under the same category. To build links, see to it that you leave comments in the same niche blogs, write guest posts to good authority sites, leave your site links in good directories like DMOZ and others, and by link exchange. Make sure you are not buying links from anywhere.

3) Use Geofencing:

Implementing geofencing strategies can help businesses tailor their content and offerings based on the physical location of their target audience. This not only improves user experience but also boosts local search engine optimization efforts. It’s a nuanced approach that not only caters to the broader online audience but also taps into the potential of local markets. If you’re keen on optimizing your SEO strategy with geofencing, read this good article and others like it on geofencing to learn more about the intricacies and benefits of this dynamic technique.

4) Keyword Research:

Never ignore keyword research. A site without proper keyword research is just like a kite without a destination. You never know where your site will end up. So always make use of searching relevant keywords according to your requirements. May it be an article, or site meta tags. Always do your keyword research. I would recommend you Google Keyword tool as your number 1 keyword research source.

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5) Unique Content Using Keywords:

If you are writing fresh content in your blog, Google will make sure to index them regularly. Writing fresh, unique content doesn’t rank you well. You should also make sure to use right keywords. Its better to use only one keyword through out the article.

6) Good Title:

Your page title should always have a keyword in it. It would be more better if the title is starting with a keyword. Most of us ignore this part, and blame search engines for not ranking well. Take care of this from the next time, and you can see yourself in Google 1st page.

7) Meta Descriptions and Tags:

Never ever forget to mention your keywords in Meta description and Meta Tags. Putting them in the right way may allow you to rank up in search engines instantly. Your meta description shouldn’t be more than 150 characters, and your meta tags not more than 1% of your actual article words. i.e If you write a 600 word article, your keywords shouldn’t be more then 6 times.

8) Using Right Plugins:

If you are into WordPress or Joomla, you can find loads of free plugins for SEO. Finding the best plugin is the key point here. I would suggest you to use yoast plugin for WordPress. Coming to Joomla, most of them are free, but not that worthy.. Still i recommend you to use SmartSEO plugin. This is neat and clean for your Joomla CMS.

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9) Eliminate Unwanted Pages:

You should always remove unwanted pages from Google search engine. You can do the same with Bing and Yahoo. Just login to Google webmasters and click on optimize, then select Remove Links. Paste your link there and you are done. Structure your site in this way will help you to rank awesome.

10) Extreme Patience and Determination:

When you are practicing SEO, patience and determination are the common factors to adapt. You have to be very patient with SEO strategies to get positive results. Moreover, these strategies can help to generate good reviews for your business on Google, which can work as a great promotional method. You can learn how to get more reviews on google and use them for your business growth by reading through online blogs and SEO suggestions. With all these digital marketing trends, you can accomplish a lot by being patient and sticking to the set SEO plan.

Following these steps will surely let you into lead pages of Google. Make sure to track your data all the time. Before offering SEO services to anyone, make sure to do SEO for your sites first. This will show your confidence on achieving SEO success.

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