ESET Mobile Security Joins Forces With Google Play

Google Play is now working alongside the very well known ESET security firm, now developing a security solution for Android. ESET has been a round over twenty five years developing security solutions for personal computers and is now also working on Android. The NOD32 technology was also introduced by ESET and is their long time award winning development which has been around since 1998. Their NOD32 antivirus also holds the record for highest number of VB100 awards. The new product from ESET claims to do many significant things for example its signature, unique behavior based detection system, which alerts the user for any activity that may be happening on the phone and could potentially be a security risk, especially spy apps for Android.
ESET Mobile Security
It is a dynamic software and has catered to a variety of problems which are likely to come up other than a cyber attack for example, physically theft of the SmartPhone or tablet itself. Sensitive data on the device can still be managed if the device is stolen or lost through the Anti theft security system. This feature makes it possible for data on the device to be stored in layers; by storing the data in this fashion, users are able to have the best control over data on the phone. The user will be provided with features such as Remote Lock as well as GPS localization. So in the case that you have just forgotten it at your table at work, you can find out where it is, lock the device and pray it’ll be theirs in the morning, at least the data on the device is safe. Though it is possible that you go to work and the phone is not theirs, you locate it and it’s in some place you never heard of, in this case you can Remote Wipe the device and that will instantly delete critical information on the device for example the contact list, stored notes, texts, media files etc, if you don’t get the device back you can be sure that no one can do you anymore harm with the data on the device. If anyone tries to use your phone with a different sim in it, the on board software will automatically notify another number by text, this can be the alternative number you have set.

As with regular email, checking your mail on your device can be a headache with spam, the Anti spam function works well to facilitate this matter and you have the option of a creating a list which will mention all the people you are happy to receive emails from. The other option is to completely block messages from unknown numbers.

Call blocking is also a little different with the ability to block not only incoming calls from certain numbers but also outgoing ones. Certain numbers that have been blocked can not be called from the device; this is a great feature for parents who want to keep a check on their children and their phone bills. You can also have a ‘trusted friend’ number stored on the device, the ‘trusted friend’ is the number to which a message is sent in the case that a foreign SIM card is inserted into the device. Also in the case that the user of the phone forgets their password the password can be reset with the help of the ‘trusted friend’ number.

Only to increase SmartPhone and computer resemblance the new task manager and security auditor will display the system vitals in a vivid new interface, seeing things like battery life, available disk space and Bluetooth status will be a breeze.

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  1. migisi

    Your post is really nice and interesting.. the security tips which you gave is really nice and very useful.
    thanks for sharing this very useful information with us.

  2. Wilson

    Google pay attention towards the security of the mobile and the web for it’s better results. It makes you more aware about the security services.

  3. Nikhil

    That’s indeed a great news!
    I myself is ESET and Avira fan, won’t mind installing ESET on my Android.
    Hope they come with a great app.
    Thanks & Regards!
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