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A Quick Round-up Of Recent Events In The World Of Technology And Computing

The resoundingly warm reception of Apple’s new iPhone 5 continues: hot on the tail of its initial release across ten countries, the new model has hit the shelves in 22 other countries. In less

Is Flash or HTML5 The Better Option For Online Poker

When Apple announced that it would not be adopting the Flash player developed by Adobe for their devices it caused a major disagreement between the two companies, and effectively ended their lengthy working partnership.

How Can Web Conferences Help Your Business

Web conferences are very popular, and they can help businesses in a variety of ways. Originally, these online group calls were most popular for recreational use, mainly among friends and family members. Now, web

ESET Mobile Security Joins Forces With Google Play

Google Play is now working alongside the very well known ESET security firm, now developing a security solution for Android. ESET has been a round over twenty five years developing security solutions for personal

Most Secured VPN Service in UK

Hey Guys, here we are back again with another post which would now be on UK VPN service like Golden Frog. Well, let’s first talk about VPN Services, which allows you to easily access

How To Use Quora To Help Grow Your Online Business

Quora is a website that allows users to post questions and answers on a variety of topics. It might not seem like a great place for marketing, but many people have successfully used Quora