How To Increase Blog Traffic Without SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to increase your blog traffic. Everyone will try to optimize their blog to the maximum possible extent to increase their blog traffic. But there are few other methods using which you can increase your blog traffic without SEO. Many bloggers follow these methods to draw massive traffic to their blogs.


1) Guest Posting:

Guest posting is one of the proved method to build backlinks and increasing your blogs traffic.If you write high quality guest posts on blogs with massive traffic then your blogs traffic will be increased massively. One of my friend wrote a guest post on a top blog and in return he got 1000 unique visitors in a single day(sounds great right?). Identify the best blogs in your network with good traffic and start guest posting.

2) Video Submission:

Make video tutorials which are related to your posts and submit to video channels like YouTube, Vimeo etc. YouTube is the top video sharing website with more than 3-4 Billion views per day.Its not only a video channel but it can be a source for unlimited traffic. Leave your blog post link in the description of the video, if your video goes viral then you will get massive traffic to your blog.

3) Advertising your blog:

You can advertise your blogs with the blogs with huge traffic which are under your niche. Do this only if you have low traffic and if your blog is new. You can use Google Adwords and other advertising networks to get a targeted audience. Additionally, you could also set a messaging api to interact with your audience, maybe ask for content suggestions, and also direct your reader to your page.

If you have a section on your website that is especially popular with a new audience, such as podcasts, you can advertise that section. Nowadays, there are various companies that can help you promote your podcasts on the blogs of renowned content creators as well as YouTube channels. Suppose you have recorded a series of informative podcasts; perhaps you would like to advertise on Bill Maher YouTube channel or website. In this way, you may be able to reach a large section of the audience that supports Bill Maher.

4) Social Media:

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg etc can be the source for unlimited traffic. Get more Facebook, Twitter, Google+ followers. More the followers means more the traffic. Share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ wherever appropriate. As soon as you finish posting your article submit the article to all the top social networking sites.This not only build traffic but also build backlinks as well.

5) Join Online Forums:

Join few good online forums under your niche and start helping in solving the questions asked by others. Leave your signature in your comments. Don’t leave unnatural and irrelevant comments. Try to help other by solving their problems in a genuine manner. If people like the way you answer and interact with members then they will visit your blog for sure.

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We don’t know when we get penalized by Google. So its always wise to have a second option when your blog is not doing well with Google. Though your blog is doing well follow these tips to get some more extra traffic to your blog.

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  1. Anuj

    Is this methods affect our search result on search engine or not.I already read an article on other blog they said that refferal traffic affects our search impressions in search engines .It decreases our search results.
    Anuj recently posted..Sniper : Ghost Warrior 2 Release Date in India | Gameplay | Graphics | TrailerMy Profile

    • Imran

      Using the above methods you will see a boost in your search engine ranking but it wont have an negative effect.Referral traffic is always good ,it wont effect your search engine ranking at all.
      If you buy traffic then it may have negative effects.
      If you employ genuine methods to drive traffic then it wont have any effect in your blog ranking in search engines ๐Ÿ™‚
      Imran recently posted..Infolinks Review-Guide To Maximize Income Of Your Blog Today With InfolinksMy Profile

  2. Dilawer Pirzada

    Hi Imran Uddin,

    Your post is Good, but some things you mentioned above included in SEO. Did not you ever noticed. Whatever, you write and shared your ideas in depth.

    Especially these two points included in SEO,
    1. Guest Posting
    2. Join Online Forums
    I’m not satisfied with your post that “How To Increase Blog Traffic Without SEO?”.
    Dilawer Pirzada recently posted..How We Got Google Authorship Verified within Three Days?My Profile

    • Imran

      Hi Delawer Pirzada
      Firstly thanks for dropping down your opinion.It doesnt matter whether its positive or negative ,we are very happy to hear your feedback.
      Coming to what you have said
      1.Guest Post:
      No doubt guest posting for backlinks is a part of seo.But the traffic which you get by guest posting is referral traffic,so if you do guest posting on blogs with good traffic then you will also get good traffic from that blog itself.
      2.Joining Online Forums:
      I should say that now a days almost all the famous online forums made outbound links as nofollow.So though you join online forums it doesnt add any value to your blogs search engine ranking.The only way you can get good traffic from forums is referral traffic where you leave your signature in your comments by helping others ๐Ÿ™‚
      Imran recently posted..Ultimate Keyword Research Guide For BloggersMy Profile

  3. David Dischler

    Good write up. Those techniques could be considered SEO tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ehsan Ullah

    Hey Imran, This is common that we can get some traffic without SEO, but that doesn’t mean we should complete ignore SEO because SEO is something which can bring thousands of hits a day if you do it in right way.

    BTW, thanks for sharing other tips of getting traffic.

    And Pavan thanks for participating in my giveaway ๐Ÿ˜›
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Giveaway #1: Win Free Genesis Framework With 6 Child Themes Cost $180My Profile

  5. Pin Bot

    Hi! I think your blog is very interesting. Iโ€™ve also a website dedicated to promote education and culture. I wish that you will visit my site and see how we can work together to create a global education network.

  6. Rabia Akram

    These are great tips,guest posting is specially effective.But I haven’t had any good experience with Pay Per Click yet.
    Rabia Akram recently posted..Simple and Useful SEO Techniques to Enhance the Overall Performance of Your SiteMy Profile

  7. Ranjith

    Really great tips to increase blog’s traffic
    Thanks for sharing
    Ranjith recently posted..How to Add Contact Us Form to a Blogger BlogMy Profile

  8. Muminur

    I liked this post. Specially Social Media and Advertising your blog will do alot of work for ranking your website better on Search Engine. Sometimes Social traffic brings success to bloggers though they pay less attension to Search Engine Optimization.
    Muminur recently posted..4 Ways to use Multiple Accounts in Chrome and FirefoxMy Profile

  9. Rana

    Social media is a good traffic source.
    Online forum is also a awesome way to get more traffic.
    Thanks for helpful tips.
    Rana recently posted..How to Hide any Drives without any SoftwareMy Profile

  10. Stan Lee

    This was really a great post . But I want to ask that is there any way to get a good amount of back links and a good ranking on particular keywords if the site or blog is a week or 10 days old.
    Waiting for your reply .
    Stan Lee recently posted..Facebook – A Social Network or A Spying Machine ?My Profile

  11. Solomon raj

    But with out proper SEO how can a blog can rank top position in Google search results ??

  12. Lisa

    I think Social Media is the big source for relevant traffic like
    Pinterest (for Fashion and Recipes sites)
    Google Plus
    and More
    Lisa recently posted..City Guide in Java and OracleMy Profile

  13. Nitesh

    Really great tips to increase blogโ€™s traffic
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Lamia khan

    WOW! Very useful guideline! I think users who donโ€™t know how to enable thread comments system will be happy learning the trick from here. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Scoot kincher

    really great ways, to generate reffral traffic social media is a great way, i am using this technique from last 2 year, but for organic traffic we have to focus on the content marketing

  16. Roland Sulzer - Hochzeitsfotograf

    Thank you for sharing those good tips.

  17. Arjun singh

    if any one ask me which one is the best then i would say social media, because it is the best method to rank a blog well. thanks for sharing

  18. Murali

    article about increasing blog traffic without SEO is nice lets try

  19. James flynn

    Really useful tips for freshers, I really like them all i now going to apply on my personal blog. Thanks for sharing

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